CTV Morning Live Show: Top 5 fitness tips to become a fierce, frugal FIT CHICK!

Hey Chicks,

The holidays are right around the corner (our special 2 week Dec “Countdown to Xmas” bootcamp starts Dec 1!) and we still want you to still get you sweat on AND save your pennies for holiday shopping at the same time!

On Nov 14, I headed to CTV Morning to share our “Top 5 fitness tips to become a fierce, frugal FIT CHICK!” to show you how to easily save money leading into the holiday season but not having to give up your fitness (this is always one of the first things to go!)

Missed the episode? Click on the image below to watch!

Thanks for watching and have a fab day!

Your Head Chick, Laura

PS.  Awesome news –  Jan 2015 classes are already live online for registration! Set yourself for a successful new year plan of attack now (plus save $80 off 🙂