SPECIAL PODCAST: Confession – My battle with my body, weight & the fitness industry…

Hey Chick,

We always try to keep things on the positive note around FIT CHICKS but sometimes you have to talk about the dark to get to the light. This is my story…

This past week I had the AWESOME honor of being a guest on one of my health industry love crush’s podcast, Fearless Rebelle Radio.


I have followed the host, Summer Innanen, for a few years now and absolutely ADORE her work in fighting body shaming, teaching women to ditch the diet demons and live with self love & confidence (plus she is so hilarious and sparkly…I love her!)

When she asked me to be a guest, initially I was so PUMPED as I have listened for years.

But then I quickly started getting panicked as I knew if I was going to share my story, I was going to have to open up about some areas of my life / thoughts / experiences that weren’t so sunny and bright.

I wanted to call Summer and tell her I was busy that day.

But I knew that is not how I am built. So I talked to Amanda about it who is my voice of reason when self doubt kicks in and she said exactly what my heart knew

“Laura, your experiences – good and bad- are what make you a great instructor, nutrition coach and teacher because you have LIVED it.

By sharing your struggles, you can inspire OTHER chicks to overcome theirs…you HAVE to do this”

As usual, my BFF / co Head Chick was right and gave me the “talking to” I needed to snap out of it and honestly I am so grateful I did.

We are all human.

We all have a story.

And that is what makes us each incredible, unique and amazing.

Yes- I am in the fitness industry, but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with weight, body image, self love or motivation.

I do. But I also truly believe that I was given these obstacles so I can help others get through theirs.

And through love, conversation, FUN and supporting EACH OTHER (aka CHICK POWER!!), we can all get stronger in the process.

So with that, here is my FIRST EVER podcast / story where I open up about my struggle with a 15 year eating disorder, how I deal with the toxicity of the fitness industry and how we can redefine how we see our health & bodies through self love.

My goal is to help women get active because they LOVE their bodies, eat healthy because they LOVE their bodies and treat themselves with respect because they LOVE their bodies.

Nothing positive can grow from self loathing so let’s start by changing the way we THINK (the rest will come!)

I hope you enjoy it chicks! (Click here to listen)

Laura xo

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