FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode #192: From 65lbs overweight to IFBB Fitness Pro World Record Holder! How LadyBoss Kaelin did it and you can too! Interview with LadyBoss Kaelin Poulin


Hey chicks,

When you hear of fitness competitors you usually think of people who have been competing their whole life, or athletes who are now hitting the stage. You do not often think about someone who was recently 65lbs overweight and then crushing world records to hit the stage in record time! That is Kaelin’s story and this story is what drew me to her at first. Her story was so unheard of that I had to learn more. After reading more, trying her programs and following her on social media I knew I had to have her on our podcast. She is such an inspo for women or LadyBosses as she calls them:) and guys, she is exactly as she presents herself on social media in RL. She is so energetic, funny and kind. In this episode she shares her story of transformation and how she now helps millions of women globally with their own story. I just wish we had more time to chat or that she lived closer so we could hang lol! She is so fun, so get ready to listen up and learn from the LadyBoss Kaelin!

Amanda xo

In this episode we cover:

  • How Kaelin she went from 65lbs to world record pro IFBB
  • Her secret tips to getting lean today
  • Why the word motivation needs to disappear from your vocabulary
  • How at 39 weeks pregnant she is still crushing it at the gym and staying committed to her goals
  • The number one thing she feels women are missing in their programs to reach their fitness goals
  • Why having a trainer or training program will help you transform your life
  • What being a LadyBoss means to her
  • Her top tips to getting you to reach your goals today

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is Founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss, an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally went through a 65 pound weight loss transformation. She has been featured by ABC, NBC, and CBS across the country. Kaelin is a regular contributor to TODAY, BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Pop Culture, and Oxygen.  

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