Burn major calories with this 6 minute HIIT Workout!

Hey Chicks,

You know how much we LOVE high intensity interval training. We base all of our in class bootcamps, dvd workouts, tv show and retreats around this approach to training.  Why?  Because it is fast, burns major calories in a short amount of time and has been proven to be more effective than long bouts of cardio (who doesn’t like more bang for their buck!)

With summer involving a lot of travel, we have been receiving tons of requests from our chicks for some extra fitness love that they can take on the road with them and do anywhere. You ask…we make it happen:)

Check out this 6 minute HIIT Workout..FIT CHICKS Style! Simply complete each exercise for 30 sec, followed by a 10 sec rest and repeat up to 3 times.  Remember chicks, this is a HIGH INTENSITY workout so give it all you got during the exercises and keep the rest times short to get the full benefits of HIIT training.

Want to take this with you? Click here to download the printable version

Happy sweating chicks!


PS – Reminder that due to the Civic Holiday, we have no classes on Mon Aug 3.  August bootcamps launch Tues Aug 4th and enter code “summer12″ to save $80 off :)

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CTV NEWS: Top 4 acupressure techniques to manage summer stress!

Hey Chick,

I don’t know about you but in the summer my stress levels are through the roof. I am aware of this so I need to make sure I am giving myself some extra TLC so not to let my cortisol levels and body get all out of whack.

Summer can lead to A LOT of stress on the body and on your mind including road rage on your way to the cottage,  having your kids off of school (ie feeling overwhelmed) and poor digestion from being away at home (hello constipation).

This week, I headed to CTV Ottawa to share my top 4 SUPER simple but SUPER effective acupressure techniques that I use and you can do to yourself to help you with some of summer top stressors including:

  • An instant calm down for road rage driving up to cottage
  • Headache cures for when you kids are on summer break and you are feeling overwhelmed
  • How to get things “moving” naturally if you are travelling and you get constipated from being away from home
  • Techniques for anxiety about trying to get this done over summer or holding on to lots of stress in the body that has built up

    Chicks, don’t forget that being fierce means taking care of yourself in ALL aspects. Yes – you want to exercise.  Yes  - you want to eat real, whole foods made with love and yes – we want to practice positive thinking.  Managing stress and maintaining hormonal balance is JUST as important to weight loss / gain, muscle building and overall health so do not overlook this aspect and should be apart of your weekly wellness program.

    If you want to learn more about how to create awesome wellness programs, check out our 200hr Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program where we do an entire module on how to incorporate wellness techniques into your health and teach it to others (and it is all taught online so you can take from anywhere around the world!)

    So chicks, give these techniques a try next time you are feeling out of whack to “keep calm and get your fierce on!”

    Have a fab day,



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    12lbs down, 16in lost & finding her workout motivation: Celebrating Jules fitness transformation!

    Hey Chicks,

    We are on summer break this week (July Bootcamps start again July 6!) and like many of us when vacation hits,  we lose our workout motivation.  Don’t get us wrong chick – you need to take a workout breaks at times but when you make fitness your LIFESTYLE and a habit your body craves, you can work it in to everyday no matter where you are.

    Don’t stress if you have lost your motivation as we are here to pump you back up with an awesome tale of how Jules from our Don Mills Bootcamp found her fitness love, changed her body and life to show you can get back at it too…she truly is a motivational rock star!

    Julia (aka Jules) came to us after experiencing some motivation challenges and looking to find a program that could keep her pumped about working out for the long haul. After checking out our website and seeing REAL (aka non photoshopped or altered) chicks of all shapes and sizes getting fierce, she decided to give it a try. To date, Jules has lost over 12lbs, 16 inches, has blown her strength out of the water with rocking push ups on her toes and doubling her jump squats. She truly is an amazing example to us all as to the power of fitness when you find the right “fit” for you and we want her to share her story with y’all….take it away Jules!

    What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

    Jules – I decided to join Fit Chicks after trying many times to work out on my own. After searching online for boot camps Fit Chicks stood out to me as it had real women in their pictures and the program interested me. I convinced two friends to join up with me and I have stuck with it for over two years now!

    What is the biggest change you have seen in your life since joining FIT CHICKS?  How has fitness and nutrition changed your life for the better?

    Jules – The biggest change I have seen since being with Anna (Chick Sergeant from Don Mills) and Fit Chicks is how much stronger I feel.

    Chick Sergeant Anna & Jules rocking some sweet partner push ups!

    It wasn’t until over a year that my mind set changed and I was actually noticing the differences not only in how I felt but how my body was changing. I always fill out my (Fit Chicks) tracker form because for me seeing the numbers is believing.

    Once I started working out regularly with Fit Chicks I also started to make small changes in my diet. I tried my best to limit juice, pasta, bread, cheese and candy. I also stopped getting take out every Friday for lunch. I don’t deny myself food that I love but I am trying to be very aware of how much of what I am eating.

    What do you find is your biggest challenge to continue to choose to be active? How do you overcome it?

    Jules – Challenges are daily, sometimes I do not want to get up and go but I have to remember the feeling that comes after completing a class. Endorphins are no joke!

    Also I like being active with others. So if no one is around to go for that walk or hike or try something new its harder for me to get up and do it on my own. That being said, I try and make plans to get up and go with others and a lot of the time they do say yes!

    What tools do you use to keep you on a healthy track outside of class?

    Jules - My friends & family! I really got into walking and going for hikes and since then I have been asking friends and my sisters to join me and thankfully they have. So getting to share with them places that I have gone is a lot of fun! Or we get to explore new places together :)

    If you could give one piece of positive advice to a chick just starting on her fitness journey, what would it be?

    Jules - Try not to stop when your boot camp instructor is counting down. 10 seconds is a long time keep trying to add one more squat, push up or whatever it is you are doing but you can do it.

    Do NOT get frustrated if the numbers are not changing right away! Keep at it. Also remember muscle weighs the same but takes up less space than fat (ie you will be tighter & smaller). Celebrate every little achievement. One extra push up or one inch down is something to be proud of!

    Lastly, do NOT compare yourself to others at boot camp but use them to motivate you. If another chick is still going push yourself to keep going as well.

    Do you have a healthy trick, tip or recipe that you use that you could share to help someone else in their fitness journey?

    Jules – Tip 1:  Drink water, drink a lot of it and add lemon!

    Tip 2: Get creative with recipes to make them more healthy. I have turned a basic Greek pasta salad into my favourite quinoa salad. Replaced the pasta for quinoa and use a simple homemade oil and vinegar, basil and oregano, lemon juice and pepper dressing with cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta. I love it and can eat it a couple times a week for lunch! Its filling and I can get a whole cucumber and tomato into it for my veggie intake.

    What in your gym bag or kitchen could you not live without?

    Jules – Sweat rag and bottle of water! Never forget either :)

    Chick – thanks for sharing your fitness journey with us!  You truly are an inspiration to us

    Jules and Anna still smiling post sweat session - love it!

    and to all chicks who are looking to make a healthy change that they can do it too! Jump on the fierce fitness train with us with next session starting July 6 (plus we have some awesome savings with up to $80 off our 2015 programs!)or if we don’t have a class near you, you can still get our FIERCE in 8 DVD System as seen on The Shopping Channel…we can’t wait to sweat up a storm with you!

    Have a fab day,



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    TOP 5 Tips: How to have a Chick Approved BBQ!

    Hey Chicks,

    Summer season (and our outdoor bootcamps!) are now in full effect and I LOVE me some BBQ!

    Smoked, charcoal or grill ANYTHING and I think I would eat it….no joke.

    The BBQ Menu at our FIT CHICKS Retreat

    The thing with BBQ is it can be a stressful, calorie and processed food bomb or can be the most amazing, healthy meal with tons of flavor and fun.

    It is all in the approach so in this post I thought I would dedicate it to helping you chicks enjoy a healthier mindset so you won’t steer clear of the grill and learn to love having a “food stress” free meal with my Top 5 “How to have a Chick Approved BBQ” (plus links included below to recipes to help you out!)



    BBQ sauce is a hidden sugar bomb. In 2 TBSP of Kraft BBQ sauce there is a whopping 9 grams of sugar (that is equal to 3 tsp of sugar!).  Not to mention the sodium and additives.  What’s the solution?  Make your own BBQ sauce using fresh tomatoes, onions, vinegar and spices (which is way easier than it sounds) or opt for other home made marinades like oils, fresh herbs and spices or homemade salsas like our Sassy Salsa or Marvelous Mango Salsa – yum!


    My approach to BBQ is balance.  While bread is not the devil as most peeps like to think, it does pack a higher caloric and carb punch which I prefer to have in another form (like dessert!).  With BBQ, the grilled meat and veggies really are the star with so much flavor so skip the bread and wrap your burgers in lettuce wraps, Portobello mushrooms or lightly steamed cabbage leaves. If you are gonna have the bun, just make sure to skip the dessert.


    Honestly one of my favorite ways to eat dessert is from the BBQ. Grilled fruit is incredible and you can do SO many sweet and savoury après dinner treats including:

    • Grilled Pineapple topped with 2 ingredient “ice cream”
    • Grilled peaches topped with goat cheese and cinnamon
    • Grilled strawberry & healthy banana bread or protein waffle skewers with melted dark chocolate

    Pic source kimhealthyeats.com

    Pretty much any fruit can be grilled and will make you look very fancy when served.  Just make sure to soak your skewers for 30 min if wood so they don’t burn!


    Like I said, BBQ to me is all about balance and it may involve having a tipple or 2 :)  If you are going to indulge, skip the beer or margaritas and go for a wine wine spritzer, low sugar sangria or flavored vodka and soda with fresh fruit & herbs.  Liquid calories are sneaky ones and ADD up fast (not to mention the sugar) so if going to have a cocktail just go low.


    A lot of times when it comes to BBQ, we are slapping on huge portions, not cooking properly (ie overcooking) and eating double what we should. By weighing out your homemade burgers (approx 4 oz is a good size) or chicken breasts, not only can you exercise portion control but your meat will cook properly and evenly thus leaving you more satisfied.  It also avoids the charring that has been linked to carcinogens.

    So chick – next time you have a BBQ don’t be stressed and enjoy!  And I love tips too…what is your fave healthy BBQ tip?

    Have a fab weekend!

    Laura – FIT CHICKS xo

    PS – Do you love nutrition and healthy eats and want to spread that to those around you?  Get certified with our 200hr Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program starting Sept 2015.  Plus, you can join from anywhere in the world as the whole program is taught live online!  If you wanna learn more, check out our 30 page 2015 program brochure for full details :)


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    CTV Morning: Our cottage strength training must have for 2015!

    Hey Chick,

    We know summer season is here and let’s be honest, do you actually work out on the weekend or at the cottage?

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t. I don’t think most people do.

    I headed to CTV Ottawa last week to take peeps through how to still get a fierce strength training workout at the cottage and it got me thinking “How many people ACTUALLY work out on the weekend?” (well other than the bicep curl of bringing a cocktail to your mouth :) . Then it moved to my next thought “If that is the case, how can we HELP you get inspired to workout on the weekend?”.

    I truly believe a lot of peeps don’t exercise when they are away NOT because they don’t want to but because you have NO IDEA what to do! (Especially when it comes to strength training on the road. Who wants to lug 15lb dumbbells on vacation?!).

    And there is nothing worse than feeling like you are in an awesome fitness routine, being consistent and feeling fierce then suddenly you go away for 2 weeks, throw in the towel as you aren’t sure re exercises and come home feeling like crap.

    So in this CTV Ottawa spot, my true goal is to get you comfortable (and pumped!) to try one of the most under used but super awesome pieces of fitness equipment for you to keep on track – the resistance band!

    I personally use them all the time and love them. Why do I love them for resistance training especially for workouts on the road?

    Resistance bands help you build and maintain muscle to burn more muscle when doing nothing.
    You can do ANY strength training exercise with bands that you can do with weights
    They are light weight and portable (but you can get resistance bands equivalent to up to 200lb weights so don’t think they are easy!)
    They are cheap! It is like having a full weight set in your purse for less than $20

    So this weekend as we get geared up to head away, no you have NO EXCUSE to not work those guns while away. A 20 min resistance band routine can go a long way so add this to your summer fun toolbox

    Hope this helps chicks and happy training!

    Laura, your Head Chick


    PS - Our July bootcamps are open for registration online! To celebrate the change of season, we have double savings for you chicks.  Save $80 off your 12 week program OR save $50 off your 8 week programwhen you sign up online.

    Plus we also have NEW locations in Milton, Thornhill / Vaughan, Burlington, Ottawa Kanata and Oshawa!

    Wanna try a class for free? Emailinfo@fitchicks.ca & we will set you up!

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    It’s a double transformation: Celebrating sisters Julie & Marie’s fitness journey!


    When the healthy sisterhood spreads, you have to CELEBRATE! And that is what this month’s chick of the month is all about.  We are rocking not only 1 but TWO awesome, inspiring healthy transformation from FIT CHICK sisters & workout partners, Julie & Marie,from our Toronto North – Forest Hill Bootcamp.

    fitness and weight loss success story

    Turning their much loved sister time into “let’s get active” sister time to help focus on their health, their results have been amazing. From losing weight & inches, increasing strength & finally finding their fitness “happy place”, these 2 super supportive rockstars are not only an awesome inspiration to all women but are each fitter, fiercer and HAPPIER than ever!

    Take it away chicks!

    The fierce sisters with Chick Sergeant Morgan!


    1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS? Did you join together?

    Julie- For the past few years my sister and I have set aside some sister time each year to celebrate our birthdays, whether it be to see a play or a weekend getaway. Last year was a turning point for us, we felt it was time for us to focus on our health through fitness and so what better than an all woman fitness boot camp!

    Marie – To celebrate our birthdays (July & August), we like to do an activity together. Wanting to do something different, Julie suggested Fit Chicks. We liked the fact that we would be working out outside. We signed up for the month of September and have been Fit Chicks ever since.

    2. What have been the biggest change in your health/body/life since joining FIT CHICKS?

    Julie - The impact has been on many levels which is surprising to me. For instance I didn’t expect to gain a positive perspective on all things, on myself yes as isn’t that the purpose of fitness?! I have gained so much more, a positive outlook on life, a new found enthusiasm for the world around me.

    Marie My main goal in joining Fit Chicks was to get back to doing regular strength and cardio exercise so that I am healthy and fit as I get older. I have not kept track of my measurements and weight as that does not motivate me. Having said that, I have lost approximately 7 lbs and I know that I have lost inches because of the way my clothes fit. My level of fitness and stamina has improved tremendously.

    I feel so much better physically and mentally. Corny but so true! I make a point of being active every day whether it is walking my dog, a Fit Chick video, some yoga or a class. Also trying to fine tune my nutrition awareness.

    3. Do you have a healthy trick, tip, recipe or tools that you use outside of class that you could share to help someone else in their fitness journey?

    JulieMy trick is to keep focusing on the fact that my fitness is a work in progress. Some days I perform better than others and that is ok. So keep a positive outlook and let go of the disappointments along the way

    Marie - . I use the videos sent by Fit Chicks as well as the 20 minutes FC work outs that are sent by email. I also wear an activity bracelet and make sure I meet or exceed my target every day.

    4. What in your gym bag or kitchen could you not live without?

    Julie - I love my new crazy coloured capri workout pants!

    Marie - Can’t live without my healthy staples in the kitchen: eggs, nutritional yeast and Mrs. Dash :) Also my Ipod in my gym bag.

    5.  What is your fave FIT CHICKS Workout and why?

    Julie –  I don’t have a favourite workout as I love the diversity! And that is what is different about FC from any other gym or class I have taken.

    Marie My faves are Tabatas and then the Eliminators workouts: they are tough and I groan through them but feel amazing afterwards. I find the class goes by so quickly! I enjoy the camaraderie with the other Chicks and our Chick Sergeant Morgan is always encouraging us to push ourselves just that little bit more.

    6. If you could give one piece of positive advice to a chick just starting on her fitness journey, what would it be?

    Julie - Don’t be discouraged! It is brutally difficult at first, not only because it becomes clear very quickly just how out of shape you are but also because the classes are so physically demanding. And yet, in what seems like no time, your resistance increases and the benefits keep on coming!

    Marie – Don’t give up! Halfway through our first class, I looked at Julie and said “you chose this :) !!” You always feel good after the class.

    Chicks- thanks for sharing your fitness journey and keep up the amazing work of inspiring US to spread the healthy love and reach our goals-  Amazing job!


    PS – If you want to join in healthy fun,  our June Bootcamps are heading outdoors on Mon Jun 1st! Enter code “spring12″ to Save $80 off or email registration@fitchicks.ca to get you all set.



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    CHICK FEED: 3 Ingredient Super Stuffed Chicken Recipe

    Hey Chicks,

    Being a fitness competitor, boot camp instructor and nutrition expert, the question I get asked all the time is “What do you eat?”

    Well, this chick is a foodie and I LOVE eating probably more than almost anything.  I love everything from simple egg whites & oats to fancy sashimi & filet mignon.  While WHAT I eat depends on a lot of factors (like if I work out that day, if I am travelling, what season it is, etc.)  there are a few things that I am ALWAYS consistent on:

    1. I follow the “Complete in 3″ Rule at every meal that combines a balance of protein, fibre & healthy fats (keeps my blood sugar balanced, moods stable and cravings under control!)
    2. I try to always have healthy options prepped in my fridge or freezer to make healthy eating easier
    3. My meals are simple and take under 15 min to make (I have the attention span of a 5 year old so I like little amounts of ingredients and prep time!)

    Hence this recipe is one of my favorites…3 ingredient Stuffed Chicken! It is high in protein, quick prep and are a fraction of the cost of premade fancy eats.  They freeze amazingly well in individual portions so you can just pull them out in the am or cook straight from frozen for busy chick & moms.

    3 Ingredient Stuffed Chicken

    CHICK FEED:  3 Ingredient Super Stuffed Chicken

    Makes 1 chicken breast


    • 125 – 150g Chicken Breast, skinless and boneless
    • 1/4 cup of Mediterranean frozen veggie mix (includes roasted red pepper, onions, grilled eggplants, gilled zucchini)
    • 30g goat cheese
    • Salt & Pepper


    • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees (or use a George Foreman Grill!)
    • Lightly stir fry the Mediterranean mixed veggies and let sit to cool to handle
    • Cut a horizontal slit along the thin, long edge of each chicken breast, nearly all the way through to the opposite side, and open like a little pocket
    • Sprinkle the chicken breast with salt and pepper
    • Stuff the pocket with the mixed veggies and goat cheese (its ok if it spills out!)
    • Bake until the chicken is no longer pink and thermometer inserted into the thickest part registers 165°F, about 25 – 30 minute (depends on heat of your oven so check after 15 min but may take as long as 30 min.  On the George Foreman Grill only 8 min!))


    1. Meal Prep Goddess: Make 4 at a time and freeze after stuffing for individual meals for the week.  Perfect to be prepped for a post workout dinner
    2. Switch up the Veggies!: Try feta & olives,  grilled mushrooms and gouda or broccoli & cheddar…the possibilities are endless :)
    3. Protein Punch: Serve this with an awesome kale salad (fibre packed baby!), soup or grilled sweet potatoes for a Complete in 3 meal

    Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard chicks!  Combine it with some fierce outdoor sweat sessions (yes our Fierce in 8 Bootcamp heads outdoors in June for the summer season starting June 1st and registration is open!)

    Try it and let me know what you think :)

    Your Head Chick,

    Laura xo

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    CHICK POWER CHAT: The 5 strategies to create your FIERCEST life!

    Hey Chick,

    About 5 years ago, I discovered something that completely changed my life, my body and my happiness.

    It wasn’t a pill.

    It wasn’t a special workout.

    It wasn’t getting my dream job.

    Or meeting my dream partner.

    I discovered the POWER of what was sitting between my ears….my mind! Five years ago, I realized that how my negative thoughts,  the crazy lies I had been telling myself for years (you know what I mean, that silly voice in your head telling you all sorts of bull like you are not good enough, that you are fat or ugly, that you aren’t smart enough to get the job or pretty enough to get that relationship) and how I was reacting to them were making me miserable, self loathing and lonely :(

    But that COMPLETELY changed once I learned the power of my mind, how to filter the negative thoughts and use them for the positive and the tools to make all of my fierce dreams come true.

    I went from hating my job, dating the same negative people over and over again, and hating my body to opening an amazing business that flourished, I met the love of my life and I finally fell in love with my body.

    Sounds a little too good to be true but I am not lying chick. When I tapped into HOW to do this, everything in my life fell into place and continues to grow in amazing, beautiful ways EVERYDAY!

    And you can do it too! In our first ever Chick Power Chat video class, you can learn a little more about my story but I am also going to share with you the 5 lies that you have been telling yourself to keep you small and unhappy and 5 AMAZING chick power strategies you can do to COMPLETELY change your life today!

    Just like training our bodies to be healthy and strong, we have to train our minds to think positive and in possibility to live the FIERCE life that you deserve. (The vid is approx. 30 min but if you know the story of FIT CHICKS already, fast forward to about 10min in)

    Chick Power is about harnessing how absolutely incredible, strong and and fabulous you are and finally get you to wake up everyday happy, fulfilled and attracting all the things in your life you want.

    Chick, we all need a little inspiration sometimes to help us realize our potential – inside & out – and we know this will help you reach yours!

    Laura xo


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    FITNESS FRIDAY: The 5 Alive Workout…rotation station style!

    Hey Chicks,

    You know how we love us some high intensity interval training and could be better than a workout that is:

    1)  Fierce, calorie blasting AND strength building

    2) Under 20 min (not incl warm up & stretch) and you can do it anywhere

    3)  Has our FIT CHICKS Signature twist (aka fierce, fun & effective for all levels!)

    Introducing “The 5 Alive Workout…Rotation Station Workout”. This HIIT workout is all combining strength & cardio with  rotation moves to work the balance and get long, lean muscles.  Check out the video below.

    THE 5 ALIVE WORKOUT…Rotation Station Style!

    It is 5 exercises, do 1 min each, rest for 60 sec then repeat 3 times (total of 15 min of actual work, 3 min of rest)

    Warm Up – 5 min (skipping in place, arm swings, knee rolls, side to side punches)

    Exercise 1 – Squat with side rotation
    Exercise 2 – 180 jumps
    Exercise 3 – Alternating Forward Lunge with Ab Twist
    Exercise 4 – Push Up to Side Plank Rotation
    Exercise 5 – Super Chick to Pike
    Rest for 60 sec then repeat

    For level 1 chicks, please do the exercise without the jumps.

    For level 2 chicks, please do the workout as is.

    For level 3 chicks, please add the heaviest weights possible to hold during this workout.

    Remember, you want to be at your “9 out of 10″ to get the best results from this workout so get ready to PUSH yourself! We promise you will love getting sweaty to this pattern – easy, effective and fast…just how we like it :)

    Any q’s, just leave a comment below and we will hook ya up!

    Have a fab weekend!

    Laura xo

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    Celebrating 8 inches lost, 12 wks commitment & reaching goals: Karin’s fitness journey!


    Hey Chicks,

    Spring has sprung and we are getting pumped up to start May classes, celebrate our last month indoors (plus save $80 off with code ‘spring12″!) and have our  awesome health weekend at the FIT CHICKS Retreat May 29 -31.  So what do we do when we are happy?  Celebrate our Chick of the Month with Karin from our Toronto College & University Ave Bootcamp.

    Lara, the fierce Chick Sergeant from the Toronto College & University location, wrote in to nominate Karin.  Karin came to us with an awesome goal to get fierce and strong before heading on a back packing adventure to Asia (and in the process lost 8 inches and toned all over!) Lara was blown away by how she brought 110% to every class, her amazing positive energy and inspiration to all chicks in class.

    The Fierce Karin

    Karin is an awesome example that when you set a goal and work hard, you can achieve it. She truly is an amazing example to us all and we want her to share her story with y’all….take it away Karin!

    What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

    I had become pretty stagnant in my work outs, so wanted a way to get me out of my comfort zone. I have a trip to Cambodia coming up, so I thought that would be a nice goal to work towards.

    What is the biggest change you have seen in your life since joining FIT CHICKS?  How has fitness and nutrition changed your life for the better?

    I’ve always been quite healthy (cook most of my own meals from scratch), but being so focused on MY health for 12 weeks allowed me to really think about all of the little extra temptations that are around (no, I don’t need a donut that someone brought into the office, etc.!). It’s made it easier to say no to those sorts of treats.

    And I’m definitely seeing a positive change in my body–I have lost 8 inches and am more toned than before, which was a goal of mine!

    We love sharing healthy eating tips!  Is there anything you can share that helps you enjoy eating healthy?

    I’ve always found that planning your meals for the week ahead of time really helps. I also take some time on Sundays to prep all my lunches for the week. That way I know I’ll have healthy lunches ready for me.

    I also try to cook and freeze as much as I can, so I’m not tempted to get take-out when I know I have a healthy dinner in the freezer.

    What are your fave healthy eats? Do you have a healthy “go to” recipe?

    Here is a recipe for overnight pumpkin pie oats that I love. I’ve adapted it from this recipe from Oh She Glows:

    Pic from www.ohsheglows.com


    - 1/3 cup regular oats
    - 1.5 tbsp chia seeds
    - 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
    - 3/4 cup skim or almond milk (unsweetened)
    - 1 tbsp pure maple syrup
    - 1/3 cup canned pure pumpkin
    - chopped pecans

    Directions: Mix the oats, chia seeds, and spices in a small tupperware or canning jar. Then add the milk and maple syrup and whisk until mixed. Add in the pumpkin and whisk again until fully incorporated. Place in the fridge for at least 1 hour or overnight. You can eat it cold in the summer or warmed up in the winter. I toss some chopped pecans after it’s warmed for some extra crunch and protein, but any nuts would do.

    What is your fave FIT CHICKS Signature workouts & why?

    I really enjoy the tabata workouts. I like that you have to work really hard for a short period of time and then get to rest–it makes it seem easier somehow, although I know it’s still really hard work!

    If you could share a piece of positive advice to a chick just starting on her fitness journey, what would it be?

    Just try to do what works best for you in the moment. Don’t worry about what others are achieving, because it’s really all about you. Soon enough, you’ll start to notice progress!


    Chick – thanks for sharing your fitness journey with us!  You truly are an inspiration and proof of the power of healthy living and positive thinking. It not only inspires us, but sets a great example to all chicks who are looking to make a healthy change that they can do it too! Jump on the fierce fitness train with us with next session starting May 4 (plus we have some awesome savings with up to $80 off our 2015 programs!)or if we don’t have a class near you, you can still get our FIERCE in 8 DVD System exclusively on The Shopping Channel…we can’t wait to sweat up a storm with you!

    Have a fab day,




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