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THIS is how you do a Healthy Swap Challenge this week (Recipe Included!)

Hey Chick, This week is back to school, back to boot camp and for many us getting back to a healthy routine after realizing this summer was a little "too much" on the no exercise/ unhealthy eating train. So how can we get you pumped to kick off this month with our Build Your Best Body Bootcamp starting Sept 6th and give you some awesome ideas to get healthy? Share with you an awesome guest post, challenge and recipes from our awesome Toronto High [...]

CHICK FEED – “2nd Date” Cauliflower Bowl Recipe (Vegetarian, high fibre)

Hey Chick, What do you get when you put together love, healthy recipes and our sweet FNE grads?  An INCREDIBLE, delicious must make recipe that will have your date coming back for  seconds:) Today we are super PUMPED to feature a recipe from one of the fab graduates from our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program – the incredible Liz!   Liz started the Fitness & Nutrition Expert program with us in September 2015 and her passion for health, love and inspiring others literally made our [...]

Pregnancy HIIT Workout + Baby Talk: Amanda’s update at 19 weeks!

Hey Chicks, As you might already know, I am 19 weeks along with my first pregnancy and I have to say this is the most exciting time of my life! Just yesterday we went for our ultrasound where the gender was revealed, but it is a surprise until the next post as we are doing a special reveal – stay tuned!! As mentioned in my announcement post I will be blogging throughout the pregnancy and post baby to give you a glimpse into how [...]

GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE: Chocolate Cherry Creamy Dream Delicious! (vegan, gluten free)

Hey Chicks, There are 2 things going on in Ontario right now that are inspiring this post.  It is hotter than heck.  This is causing the idea of eating heavy or hot things not appealing AT ALL to me. It is cherry season!  So cherries are cheap, local and so full of delicious flavor and max nutrition That said, this is my FAVE go to right now to get the most nutrients in my body without feeling like I am going to die of [...]

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