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10lbs down, 18 inches lost & a healthy role model for her girls: Celebrating Annie’s fitness & Weight Loss Journey!

JANUARY CHICK OF THE MONTH Hey Chicks, We are counting down to Feb Bootcamps and with this long, cold winter, you may be needed some motivation to start or crank up your workouts (remember chicks, summer bodies are built in the winter so you gotta start now!) And what is better motivation than a good ol' fashioned SUCCESS STORY....and we have an awesome one for you!     Meet Annie from our Don Mills Bootcamp who has not only transformed her body since starting but found her fitness [...]

Ditching the numbers, being kind & finding fitness that works: Vanessa’s Success Story!

Hey Chick, We re gearing up to kick off our Jan Bootcamps on Jan 9th (make sure to grab your spot!) so let’s get super inspired and positive in this first month of 2017 by celebrating an awesome fitness success story from  one of our Toronto chicks, Vanessa from our Toronto Orde St Bootcamp   Chick of the Month Vanessa (let) celebrating out of sweats with her amazing Chick Sergeant Lara from the Toronto Orde St location Vanessa is an awesome inspiration to [...]

Amanda’s Baby Gender Reveal

Hey Chicks, First off, my sincere apologies for not posting this sooner. I really wanted to share this super exciting news with you but was waiting on some video footage to get it up and rocking, So without further delay here it is – our Baby Gender Reveal! As you can probably tell by the video my husband and brother in law planned this entire thing but to be honest the fact that they were so involved with the creation of this and planning [...]

THIS is how you do a Healthy Swap Challenge this week (Recipe Included!)

Hey Chick, This week is back to school, back to boot camp and for many us getting back to a healthy routine after realizing this summer was a little "too much" on the no exercise/ unhealthy eating train. So how can we get you pumped to kick off this month with our Build Your Best Body Bootcamp starting Sept 6th and give you some awesome ideas to get healthy? Share with you an awesome guest post, challenge and recipes from our awesome Toronto High [...]

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