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FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast

Each week on FIT CHICKS Chat, Laura & Amanda get you PUMPED to create your FIERCEST life by breaking down the BIG, confusing info about fitness, nutrition & wellness into easy step-by-step action to get you there!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned, eat healthier, stress less, feel inspired or just have some healthy cheerleaders in your corner, each episode is packed with their own tested, ACTIONABLE fitness, nutrition and wellness strategies and guest interviews with the world’s leading female health experts so you can see BIG, life changing results, fast – no matter where you are in your fitness and life journey!

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #118: Becoming an Effective Leader in the Health Industry with Marie Barker

    Are you passionate about health and fitness but not sure what to do next to jump into this industry? Always felt like you were a leader but want clarity on what it means to lead a team and be an effective coach? On this episode of FIT CHICKS Chat Marie Barker shares with us today her tips on how to lead your own team, your clients but most importantly your own life with integrity and success. She also will share [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #116: Interview with Coach JVB

    Whether you are a mama who is expecting, post natal or just looking to break some bad habits and learn how to better care for yourself inside and out, this interview is for you. Today we are talking today with leading expert Coach JVB all about how to get fit and feel fab today! She shares with us her expert secrets on how she went from expecting to cover model ready in under 6 months, the type of workouts she [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #115 – The top 3 things to be successful in the health and fitness industry

  CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN! Do you ever wonder what it is about some entrepreneurs that makes them wildly successful while others seem to struggle? Wonder what things you need to know to get ahead in this industry? On this podcast we are going to share with you the top three things you need to be doing in order to be successful. We are asking some important questions, getting you a stand out brand, and setting you up for [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #114 – The Guide to a Speedy Spring Slimdown!

  CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN! With many peeps rocking Spring Break right now, you not only want to look your best but feel it too! We are not talking about dropping 10lbs in 10 days but some quick, all natural strategies you can do to help your body de-bloat, digest and feel your leanest while rocking your bathing suit. In this episode, Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy Laura & Amanda are taking you through the keys to a speedy [...]