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FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast

Each week on FIT CHICKS Chat, Laura & Amanda get you PUMPED to create your FIERCEST life by breaking down the BIG, confusing info about fitness, nutrition & wellness into easy step-by-step action to get you there!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned, eat healthier, stress less, feel inspired or just have some healthy cheerleaders in your corner, each episode is packed with their own tested, ACTIONABLE fitness, nutrition and wellness strategies and guest interviews with the world’s leading female health experts so you can see BIG, life changing results, fast – no matter where you are in your fitness and life journey!

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #173: Is “Imposter Syndrome” holding you back from creating your dream biz?

    “Imposter syndrome” is very common among women and even more common among entrepreneurs.  So what is it? To put it simply, it is the experience of feeling like a fraud—you feel self doubt, not good enough - and it cripples you from creating your dream health and fitness biz.  Don’t worry chick because you are not alone! In this episode, the Head Chicks share their personal experience dealing with imposter syndrome, the 4 key strategies to be able to get [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #172: Navigating Holiday Nutrition: How to Enjoy the Holidays without Gaining Weight

   Do you finish December feeling like a stuffed sausage? While the holidays are amazing to enjoy time celebrating with your friends and family, the parties, booze and constant food can seriously set you back from reaching your health goals. Instead of going for the “I will just start back on my plan in January (or start a new one”, this episode the Head Chicks will show our nutrition success strategies to enjoy every moment of this season without going wild [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #171: Personal Story Why we chose to close our bootcamp programs

    After a decade of running in person bootcamp programs we have made the business decision to move 100% online and close our in person programming! Was this a tough decision? Yes! Does this make us nervous at times? Yes! Is this the best decision for us personally and professionally? Yes! Listen up to today;s episode where Co-Founders of FIT CHICKS and FIT CHICKS Academy share with you their lessons learned, why they are closing in person classes and moving to [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #170 PHA -Training: Our Fave New Approach to Get Your Sweat On!

    Have you ever heard of PHA -Training? If not, you need to add this sweet approach to sweat session into your workout routine.  PHA -Training aka Peripheral Heart Action Training is an amazing circuit style of training that will crank up your workout to fat blasting cardio & strength workouts that are quick, fun and torch serious calories at the same time.  In this episode, we walk you through what it is, how to do it and how we have [...]