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FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast

Each week on FIT CHICKS Chat, Laura & Amanda get you PUMPED to create your FIERCEST life by breaking down the BIG, confusing info about fitness, nutrition & wellness into easy step-by-step action to get you there!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned, eat healthier, stress less, feel inspired or just have some healthy cheerleaders in your corner, each episode is packed with their own tested, ACTIONABLE fitness, nutrition and wellness strategies and guest interviews with the world’s leading female health experts so you can see BIG, life changing results, fast – no matter where you are in your fitness and life journey!

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #104: Your 2018 Bucket List…..Do You Have One?

    CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN! If you need inspiration to get you focused now 2018 is in full swing, then this is the podcast for you! In this episode head chicks Laura and Amanda share their 2018 Bucket Lists, personal and professional goals and awesome news in their lives to help you dig deep and come up with a fierce list of you own! Killer Resources! Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program:   Get certified in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business in [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #103: New Year’s Kick-off – It’s Time to go Big!

    CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN! Have you ever heard people say, “it is time to stop playing small and begin to play big”? According to Marianne Williamson, playing small really means to dismiss what you really want in life in order to maintain a present-moment illusion of security, acceptance and control. In this episode head chicks Laura and Amanda dive into this topic to uncover what playing small really means, how to play big, why you want to [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #101: Christmas Core

    CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN! With the holidays fast approaching this is our Christmas gift to you:   new way to think about getting in your core work without a single crunch.   In this episode we cover: Learn how cycling can amp up your core power and what moves to incorporate into your spin or cycling class or time on the bike What moves to do today with your upper body to get insta core engagement Why you [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #100 – Celebrating the Top Moments over 100 Episodes

    CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN! Can you believe we have just hit 100 episodes of FIT CHICKS Chat?! That is A LOT of fitness, nutrition, wellness & healthy love going down!  From amazing interviews with top female health pro’s and coaching you on how to live your best life to our personal journeys & struggles navigating through this crazy (and sometimes very confusing!) health world, we have LOVED every second of this past 100 episodes with you. In [...]