FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 204 – Interview with Marie Barker


Hey chicks,

Marie Barker is the BFF that I have not met yet! She is someone who I just instantly connected with on so many levels that I knew I had to have her back on to chat some more with me and share all of her amazing insight with all of you.

Being a coach and business owner in the health and fitness world you can sometimes become overwhelmed with the “cookie cutter” mentality that seems to play a big role in this industry. So speaking to Marie and hearing her share her thoughts is super refreshing.

In today’s episode she shares with you her own transformation as well as daily habits for success but also shares her thoughts to help you get unstuck with your own fitness and health goals for good!

In this episode we cover:

  • What a typical week looks like for her in terms of fitness
  • Why Beachbody programs are her jam
  • Getting over the stigma that you have to workout in a gym to make it count
  • How she realized she had food sensititivities and what she did about it
  • The real key to a healthy eating lifestyle
  • Getting past food restrictive diet plans
  • Eliminating the “good and bad food” mentality for good
  • What she thinks you need to do with your scale
  • Top three non scale victories for you to focus on


About Marie Barker

Marie Barker is an online women’s wellness coach with a passion for ditching the yo-yo diet mentality + getting to the root cause of why we’re really hungry. She’s worked with hundreds of women across Canada and the US and also mentors a team of coaches, known as the Boomerang Babes, to do the same. She is a retired high school English teacher, at home workout junkie + self proclaimed taco aficionado. She can be found sharing her everyday adventures on IG @mariebarkerwellness as well as on her blog,

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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