FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode 189: Health and Fitness Pros Number One Fear Answered


Hey chicks,

This fear we are talking about today is a BIG one guys that has plagued me in the past and almost every single health and fitness pro I know! It is not the fear of money, it is not the fear of finding clients, it is not the fear of being successful, it is not the fear of not knowing enough.

It is a fear that lives within our own minds and self conscious behaviours that can be so challenging that I have known it to have frozen some people completely from moving forward towards their goal and life purpose. It can be so overwhelming it can replace logical thoughts with complete fear that will paralyze even the best of us. This episode Laura and I explore this fear and examine how it has impacted us but most important how we overcame it and work daily to continue to not let it hold us back from the impact we want to make in this world.

Listen today, comment below and let us know if this fear has also stopped you in your tracks and what you did to get past it!

Amanda xo


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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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