CHICK POWER CHAT: The 5 strategies to create your FIERCEST life!

Hey Chick,

About 5 years ago, I discovered something that completely changed my life, my body and my happiness.

It wasn’t a pill.

It wasn’t a special workout.

It wasn’t getting my dream job.

Or meeting my dream partner.

I discovered the POWER of what was sitting between my ears….my mind! Five years ago, I realized that how my negative thoughts,  the crazy lies I had been telling myself for years (you know what I mean, that silly voice in your head telling you all sorts of bull like you are not good enough, that you are fat or ugly, that you aren’t smart enough to get the job or pretty enough to get that relationship) and how I was reacting to them were making me miserable, self loathing and lonely 🙁

But that COMPLETELY changed once I learned the power of my mind, how to filter the negative thoughts and use them for the positive and the tools to make all of my fierce dreams come true.

I went from hating my job, dating the same negative people over and over again, and hating my body to opening an amazing business that flourished, I met the love of my life and I finally fell in love with my body.

Sounds a little too good to be true but I am not lying chick. When I tapped into HOW to do this, everything in my life fell into place and continues to grow in amazing, beautiful ways EVERYDAY!

And you can do it too! In our first ever Chick Power Chat video class, you can learn a little more about my story but I am also going to share with you the 5 lies that you have been telling yourself to keep you small and unhappy and 5 AMAZING chick power strategies you can do to COMPLETELY change your life today!

Just like training our bodies to be healthy and strong, we have to train our minds to think positive and in possibility to live the FIERCE life that you deserve. (The vid is approx. 30 min but if you know the story of FIT CHICKS already, fast forward to about 10min in)

Chick Power is about harnessing how absolutely incredible, strong and and fabulous you are and finally get you to wake up everyday happy, fulfilled and attracting all the things in your life you want.

Chick, we all need a little inspiration sometimes to help us realize our potential – inside & out – and we know this will help you reach yours!

Laura xo