FITNESS FRIDAY: The 5 Alive Workout…rotation station style!

Hey Chicks,

You know how we love us some high intensity interval training and could be better than a workout that is:

1)  Fierce, calorie blasting AND strength building

2) Under 20 min (not incl warm up & stretch) and you can do it anywhere

3)  Has our FIT CHICKS Signature twist (aka fierce, fun & effective for all levels!)

Introducing “The 5 Alive Workout…Rotation Station Workout”. This HIIT workout is all combining strength & cardio with  rotation moves to work the balance and get long, lean muscles.  Check out the video below.

THE 5 ALIVE WORKOUT…Rotation Station Style!

It is 5 exercises, do 1 min each, rest for 60 sec then repeat 3 times (total of 15 min of actual work, 3 min of rest)

Warm Up – 5 min (skipping in place, arm swings, knee rolls, side to side punches)

Exercise 1 – Squat with side rotation
Exercise 2 – 180 jumps
Exercise 3 – Alternating Forward Lunge with Ab Twist
Exercise 4 – Push Up to Side Plank Rotation
Exercise 5 – Super Chick to Pike
Rest for 60 sec then repeat

For level 1 chicks, please do the exercise without the jumps.

For level 2 chicks, please do the workout as is.

For level 3 chicks, please add the heaviest weights possible to hold during this workout.

Remember, you want to be at your “9 out of 10″ to get the best results from this workout so get ready to PUSH yourself! We promise you will love getting sweaty to this pattern – easy, effective and fast…just how we like it 🙂

Any q’s, just leave a comment below and we will hook ya up!

Have a fab weekend!

Laura xo