We raised $4660 for the Red Cross and Fort Macmurray…that’s A LOT of sweat! :)

Hey Chicks,

Exciting news – the results are in and our CHICK Power Charity Classes raised $4660 for the Red Cross & Fort MacMurray (a combo of what was donated and what was matched by FC and the Canadian Government!)

fort macmurray

On May 16 & 17th, it was a sea of giving back love at our FIT CHICKS locations as we sweated up a storm at our “CHICK POWER” charity classes to raise funds and support the Red Cross & Fort MacMurray after the devastating fires that affected thousands.

Getting to show our support for our Canadian brothers and sisters, PLUS getting to give back to ourselves with a sweet endorphin pumping workout made for an AMAZING 2 nights at FIT CHICKS.

We also got to meet a ton of new awesome chicks as everyone brought friends, and we got to give away a free 4 week bootcamp, (congrats Paige from Orleans, Ottawa!)

Thank you for all from the bottom of our hearts for your support, donations, sharing the posts with your friends, and even sending positive thoughts for those who couldn’t make it. Every action goes a long way to making someone’s life easier (especially during tough times) so cyber high fives for being such a giving back rock star!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS