The 3 Truths to get your burning MAJOR calories (plus video workout!)

Hey Chick,

When it comes to burning calories, there are a TON of misconceptions you may be hearing.

Do any of these sound familiar?

MYTH 1. Longer workouts are better and burn MORE calories (aka elliptical trainer for 60 min)

MYTH 2. Cardio works the best and should be done separate to strength training

MYTH 3. Women should avoid strength training to lose weight

These are all NOT TRUE!

TRUTH 1.  High intensity + shorter time = Fierce results!

Studies have shown that by working at a high intense pace for a short period of time not only BURNS more calories than a steady state 60 min (and this is due to a sweet thing called EPOC or what we like to call “afterburn” which keeps your body burning calories at a high rate for up to 24 hours following your sweat session!) but also does not deplete your calorie burning muscle mass which we do not want to get rid of (check out truth 3 as to why)

TRUTH 2:  You can get cardio WHILE you do strength if you do it RIGHT

You do not have to do cardio and strength training separately.  By adding total body strength moves you and moving quickly through your exercises, you are going to get your heart PUMPING aka you are getting strong and burning cardio cals at the same time (aka there is no need to spend more time working out than necessary if you are moving through them quickly!)

TRUTH 3: Women NEED strength training more than men do…especially as we age. 

Muscle is metabolically active (ie you burn more calories doing nothing at all) and the more you have will keep you from gaining weight, hormonal imbalance and osteoporosis.).  But if you don’t use it, you lose it!  After 50, your muscle strength decreases by 15% per decade which is a contributing factor to weight gain so let’s keep those muscle working and STRONG!

So what have we go to help you bring these truths to your workouts?  Chick Sergeant Jenn (who brings the tough love to her Toronto Harbourfront & King / Bathurst Bootcamps)  was kind enough to share an awesome 15 min AMRAP for all levels (and if you don’t know what that is, watch and find out:) that combines all 3 truths for a fierce calorie burn.

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Happy Sweating,

Laura & AmandaDo you want to change

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