Exclusively on The Shopping Channel: ‘Fierce In 8’ DVD System!

Hey Chicks,

EXCITING NEWS – we are beyond pumped to announce that we launched the FIT CHICKS’ FIERCE in 8 DVD System to all Canadians on The Shopping Channel!


Over the last 6 years, we have been perfecting our FIERCE in 8 programs and been so lucky to be apart of over 7000 women’s fitness journey’s. But we were always limited to spread the healthy love to where we had classes.

But on Jan 5th all of that changed via the awesome power of television, we were able to bring that FIERCENESS to every women across Canada on The Shopping Channel!


Check out below for more info on the Fierce in 8 DVD System.  To order yours, head on over to The Shopping Channel Website!

Transform your body in under 30 minutes per day! The FIT CHICKS “Fierce in 8” Workout System uses signature High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to avoid weight loss plateaus, boredom and lack of time. Each DVD features constantly challenging workouts to keep you excited and your body guessing!

Disc 1: ‘The 2 + 2 Workouts’:
Alternates between intervals of fat blasting cardio/total body toning strength

Disc 2: ‘Totally Tabatas Workouts’:
4 minute pattern combines 20 seconds of fierce burn with 10 seconds of rest, burning up to 5x more calories.

Disc 3: ‘Fab and Focused Workouts’:
Focuses on tightening and toning the hard-to-shape areas such as the tummy.

Disc 4: ‘The Dirty 30 Workouts’:
Power, strength and kickboxing combos for max results.

Why will you love these workouts?

• All workout videos are 30 min or less
• All FIT CHICKS workouts are based on our high intensity interval training method combining short burst of cardio followed by strength training for recovery
• High Intensity Interval training has been voted Top 10 (#1 in Canada and #2 in US) for 2015. It is a favorite in the world of fitness as it burns the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time and maintains muscles
• They are fun; you sweat, burn, laugh and learn!
Each video includes a level 1 and 2 for beginner and advanced
Easy to follow: the moves are simple but effective (great for people who are not coordinated)
You will not get these workouts anywhere else! FIT CHICKS signature workout patterns are proprietary
• Workouts for all women!
• We have amazing and proven results. Women have lost up to 100lbs, dropped six dress sizes and got in shape after having a baby with these fabulous workout DVDs
• The workouts are created by women, for women

What’s Included?

• FIT CHICKS ‘Fierce in 8’ Workout System (8 workouts on 4 DVDs)
• Chick Approved Nutrition Guide
• Chick Feed: 5 Ingredient Fix Recipes (10 recipes included)
• Glorious Guide to Green Smoothies (10 recipes included)
• FIT CHICKS Workout Map
• FIT CHICKS Sample Meal Plan

Chicks, we ALL deserve to live the fittest, happiest and healthiest life possible. But YOU have to make the choice to start (and we will be there to help you with the rest!) Order yours now and let’s make this the year you become the FIERCE chick we know you are – inside & out!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo