SPECIAL PODCAST: I exercise & but still can’t lose weight!



Hey Chick,

Are you exercising everyday and not reaching your weight loss goals?

This is a question I get a lot from peeps so it was perfect timing when I was asked to share some FC expertise on the Make Your Body Work Podcast hosted by Dave Smith, a fierce fellow Canadian fitness professional who is we love and is spreading the healthy love with his work.

You know how much I LOVE to talk so in this 30 min we covered a TON of ground around a specific question his listener, Joy, sent in about how she exercises every day with cardio, weights and classes and still can not lose weight.  Check out her question below.

I feel like I’m lucky because I actually love to exercise. I go to the gym every day to do cardio, weights, classes, and almost always look forward to it (not always, but most of the time!) but I still carry a little extra weight around my waist and in my butt. Sometimes I wonder if I’m exercising too much. I’ve heard of people that lose weight with hypnosis, but never have tried that out. What do you think? I really just want to be healthy, but would love to tone up too.

-Joy C

In true FIT CHICKS form, we look at the whole picture – from fitness, nutrition and wellness -and chatted about what factors in each areas could actually be holding you back from reaching your goals.  Plus how you can make easy health tweaks that will make all the difference, exercise less and ge BETTER results (how fab is that!?)

If this sounds like you, make sure to listen.   I want you to reach your goals to feel like the fierce chick you are meant to so please leave your questions / comments below and I will help as much as I can 🙂

Happy listening and don’t forget our Spring Shape Up starts April 4th & registration is open today!

Laura – FIT CHICKS xo


Laura Jackson is Founder of FIT CHICKS®, Canada’s largest women’s only fitness company. Starting in 2008 with only 7 chicks and many companies in the industry failing to grow, Laura’s goal of “fierce fitness made fun” that’s accessible to ALL women expanded their award winning women’s only boot camp from over 20 locations to include health retreats, fitness DVD’s programs, nutrition challenges and FIT CHICKS Academy(r) online certification programs. To date she has helped over 7500 women reach their goals.

Certified Personal Trainer, IDFA Fitness Competitor, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Holistic Nutritionist, Laura is the TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” on Rogers TV. She is also a fitness and nutrition contributor to national publications and TV Shows such as Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and has appeared on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” and The Shopping Channel

Laura’s commitment to women’s health earned her 2015 Top 3 Fitness Professionals in Canada by Can FIT Pro & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.  

She will continue her of helping women create the life, health & career of their dreams and build healthier communities around the world with the internationally recognized FIT CHICKS(R) Academy online Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program and giving back through Big Sisters “Go Girls” Mentoring Program.   Visit www.fitchicks.ca for more information.