WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: A hot chocolate with super powers? Yes please!

Hey Chicks,

Happy Wednesday! While the weather is a little gloom and doom here in Toronto, I am doing my rain dance in hopes for a gorgeous sun at Horseshoe Resort up North for our first ever Sweats & Sass FIT CHICKS Retreat this coming weekend. But you know us, a little rain or chill never would stop us anyways from rocking a killer workout and having a ton of fun but if you could please do an extra booty shake rain dance for us, I would appreciate it 🙂

fit chicks retreat horseshoe resort

Doing the dry run at Horseshoe Resort for our outdoor FIT CHICKS Challenge- too much fun!

So this past weekend I was working our booth at the Toronto Women Show and I hit a little nutrition jackpot when I found a booth selling many of my favorite “superfoods” for $20 for 4 bags! I stocked up on raw cacao powder, hemp hearts, himalayan rock salts, goji berries and a new fave of mine..organic coconut sugar.

Nutrition Jackpot!

Nutrition Jackpot of superfoods!

I use these mainly in my morning green smoothie or power “ice creams” but as the weather is getting cooler, I wanted something warm and comforting yesterday as my afternoon snack and threw this little concoction together – it was delish!

healthy hot chocolate raw cacao

Creamy, chocolatey, rich, sweet, vegan, highly nutritious and most important DELICIOUS hot chocolate!


  • 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder (for rich choco flavour & packed with anti oxidants to fight disease)
  • 2 tbsp of hemp hearts (for creaminess & healthy omega 3 fats for beautiful hair, skin and to  fill you up!)
  • 4 fresh mint leaves (for minty flavour & to aid with digestion)
  • Stevia (for sweetness without the chemicals but can also use a little honey)
  • Boiling water

Simply throw all of this into a high powered blender like my baby – the Vitamix – to make sure its blended fully and pour into your fave mug to enjoy!

hemp hearts

Bye bye "girlie time" cramp - hemps hearts!

Now this may be TMI (too much info) but we are all chicks or if you are a rooster, this is helpful to know for any chicks in your life 🙂  This is also an awesome drink to help if its that time of the month as one of the super powers of hemp hearts too are that they are a rich source of magnesium which has been known to help reduce muscle cramps (which if you have ever suffered from period cramps, you know any help is AMAZING!)

Try it and let me know what you think and hope to see y’all this weekend at the retreat!

Have a fab day,

Laura, your Head Chick xo

PS Episode 7 of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” is on this week and I am teaching a sweet little summer sports inspired bootcamp and one of my fave chicks Jenn who lost a killer 100lbs is in the show too!  I love this workout!