Exciting News…Head Chick Amanda is having a baby!

Hey Chicks,

So not only have we been buzzing lately about our latest Podcasts on iTunes but we have also been keeping a little secret… I am having a baby!

Amanda Dave

This secret has been a tough one to keep under wraps not only due to the sheer excitement factor but also because I wasn’t feeling all that awesome in the beginning. But that was the beginning, and now I feel fab, energized and ready to rock!

At first I actually had no idea I was pregnant, my body was doing some funky things and to be honest I was actually trying to set up a consult with a naturopath doctor as I thought I had PCOS! Turns out it wasn’t PCOS but instead a human growing inside me lol.

The way I found out was about a week prior to taking an at home pregnancy test I had a serious food aversion. I literally eat the same thing every day for lunch, chicken with veggies on rice. I batch cook it and serve it up daily, delicious normally but this one week (about week 6 of my pregnancy it turns out) I could not even think of eating it. Literally it was so gross to me that I had to not only throw out the food but also the containers I had it stored in the fridge in as I couldn’t bring myself to open them up due to the smell making me nauseous!

After that week my friend convinced me to take an at home test just to see. I was nervous to take it as we had been trying for a bit and I didn’t want to be disappointed with another negative test result, but as it turns out it was positive and said 3 weeks plus.

As some of you know, I recently moved to Ottawa ON and so at that point decided it best to get a family doctor and stat! So did that got in and through the ultrasound found out I was already almost 9 weeks!

Good thing I follow a healthy lifestyle so there was no need to be anxious about the 9 week old growing as I do not casually drink alcohol or smoke and I workout daily as well as eat clean and organic as much as possible – phew!

So long story short, everything is great! Pregnancy is going super well and now that I am over the first trimester and feeling less nervous about the whole thing I have gotten back to my regular workout routine, minus the jumping and running. I also switched from hot yoga to regular yoga because did you know that the extreme heat during pregnancy can actually cause the baby spine and neck to potentially not form correctly?!! So made that switch ASAP.

So I wanted to share this news with you all not only to share the joy but also to tell you that throughout this pregnancy I plan to keep you updated on a regular basis on how I am doing, how baby is and how I am managing to keep a fit pregnancy!

It is my goal to stay healthy and strong throughout not only for me but for the benefit of the baby. Also, I read that women who exercise during pregnancy generally have babies that are calm and sleep better through the night and I love my zzzzzz’s so I am in!

Since this is my first chicklet I welcome all suggestions, tips and tricks that you would like to share with me here, please.

Super excited, super nervous and beyond happy!

Amanda xoxo

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