GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE: Chocolate Cherry Creamy Dream Delicious! (vegan, gluten free)

Hey Chicks,

There are 2 things going on in Ontario right now that are inspiring this post.

  1.  It is hotter than heck.  This is causing the idea of eating heavy or hot things not appealing AT ALL to me.
  2. It is cherry season!  So cherries are cheap, local and so full of delicious flavor and max nutrition

That said, this is my FAVE go to right now to get the most nutrients in my body without feeling like I am going to die of overheating.  It actually tastes like a decadent, creamy dreamy chocolate milkshake….yum!



This is a perfect meal replacement as it consists of a protein, fiber and fat for blood sugar balancing (aka Complete in 3 Approved) and for a pre / post workout shake as well as PACKED with vitamins and minerals.

So chicks – bear the heat, go out and pick some cherries (or buy frozen from the store but while in season it is better to stock up now!) and enjoy this new smoothie!

Laura – FIT CHICKS xo