Top Low Carb Swaps for Fat Loss

Today we are talking all about our fave low carb swaps for health and fat loss. Now we aren’t saying that carbs are bad (veggies are carbs after all!) but so many of us just eat too many processed carbohydrates which can lead to unbalanced blood sugar and weight gain.

So what do you do if you still want the volume in your meal without the carbs?? Here are our fave low carb swap out!

1. Zoodles!

Spiralized zuchinni (aka zoodles) is one of our all time fave swap outs for pasta. You can buy these now premade at the store or make your own with a spiralizer. Don’t be limited by zuchinni – sweet potato, squash and beets also make an amazing pasta substitute!

2. Nori wraps

Missing your sandwiches when trying to reduce carbs? Try nori wraps (just note that it does have a slight fish flavour). These wraps make great sandwich containers! Just be sure to wrap right before you eat as they can get soggy. Don’t like nori? Then wrap your sandwiches in a lettuce leaf so you can enjoy your filling without the carbs.

3. Cauliflower rice

Cauliflower rice is an amazing way to cut the carbs and add a TON of volume to your food. Stir fry it up, add it to oatmeal, or use it as a side dish as you would rice. It’s now available at the grocery store so time to make your own is no excuse!

4. Bagged coleslaw

This isn’t really a low carb swap per se, but a great “bulk up” to keep you feeling full and keeping your veggie intake high. Add it to your eggs, stir fries, as a side salad. The choices are endless. And it’s very inexpensive!


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