TOP 5: Fave way to make Outrageous Oats!

Hey Chicks,

Hi my name is Laura and I am oatmeal -aholic.

Yes, I love oatmeal…I love the thick, comforting consistency, I love the nutritional value, I love how its portable, can use it cooked or not and how AMAZING it makes your skin feel (that’s right chicks, other than coconut oil it is my next fave!)

Here are my TOP 5 Fave ways to use your oat outrageously!


I love flavoured oatmeals but they are packed with chemicals & sugar.  To make your own delish concoctions, brew 1 cup of tea or save left over from when you drink it!.  Just measure out the ratios ( a typical serving is 1/3 cup large rolled oats to 2/3 cup of water or tea).

My faves teas to use:  chai spice, blueberry, forever nuts,  orange chocolate and maple .  If you like it sweeter, add some honey or stevia.


If you have not tried overnight oats, you are seriously missing out.  These are one of my FAVE breakies of all time, you can meal prep all servings for the week, super easy, are a perfect balance of protein/fibre/fat AND include the sassy superfood – chia!  Check out this awesome recipe I use


Making protein pancakes or muffins?  Use oat flour! Simply buy your large oats (not the quick cook kind) and grind in a coffee grinder until a flour consistency as sub.


Oh my tummy is growling writing this!  Baked oats in the slow cooker are the ultimate comfort food.  Plus they are beyond easy.  Just throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker the night before and wake up to a house that smells like healthy goodness.  Perfect for busy weekends and brunches too 🙂


Ditch those expensive bath soaks!  For the softest skin ever, fill a cheesecloth or nylon with 1 cups of ground oats. For a scented bath bomb, put a couple drops of lavender or peppermint essential oils.  Drop it in your bath for silky smooth skin.

Remember chicks, your skin is your largest organ and should only put things on it that you would put in your mouth 🙂

These are only my top 5 but I have so many more!  What is your fave way to use oats?

Have a fab day,

Head Chick Laura

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