Introducing FIT CHICKS Burlington Bootcamp Instructor Jodi!

Meet Your Chick Sergeants!


Hey Chicks!

This week we want to introduce you to the Chicktastic Jodi Campbell. Check out our Q&A!

burlington bootcamp

The Fabulous Jodi!

FC – What made you want to become a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor for FIT CHICKS?

I knew I wanted to teach a boot camp. I looked at many different companies, but decided on FIT CHICKS because of the approach they have on fitness as SMART, SASSY, and CHALLENGING. Their program appealed to me and I love yellow.

FC – Which bootcamp location do you teach at?

I teach at the Burlington locations on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:45.

FC – What are your top 3 cardio or strength moves to help women tighten and tone their trouble spots?

I love squats, planks and plyometric moves.

FC –  What is your fave healthy post workout snack after a kick butt bootcamp session?

Chocolate milk or frozen grapes 🙂

FC – What are your professional fitness certifications?

I have certifications as: Group Fitness Instructor, Kickboxing, and MMA. I am also currently studying for my Nutrition and Wellness Certification

FC – Other than being a certified group fitness instructor, what would you like Chicks to know about you?

I would like chicks to know that I have been in their position. I have been at a heavy weight and didn’t have the motivation to work out. I understand their frustrations, but trust when I say “You can do it”!

Want Jodi to show you that you really can do it? Sign up for her 8 week outdoor bootcamp, starting August 9th!