FITNESS FRIDAY..Skipping does a body good!

Hey Chicks!

It has been proven that Cross Training is the most effective way to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. This is why in our Bootcamp classes we focus on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) so that we can give you chicks the most bang for your buck!

Now I am not saying don’t go for your long runs or that steady state cardio is not effective but what I am saying is if you want to max out your calorie burn you gotta switch it up and turn it up.

I love my sweet jump rope!

Here is a fantastic 25 minute workout that I personally love to do when I am short on time but looking for real results fast!

Head Chick Amanda’s Jump Rope Circuit Training!

Warm up for about 2 minutes or so with Dynamic stretches – stretches that have movement – avoid static holding stretches.

Jump rope – 2 minutes – you can jump both feet together or add in some fancy footwork like cross feet, jump feet forward and back, side to side etc.

Strength – 1 Minute – Power Squats with Overhead Press – holding weights in hand squat down touching elbows towards knees and then press hands overhead when you come back up to stand.

Jump Rope – 2 minutes

Strength – 1 Minute – Jump Lunges or low impact option is to alternate side to side reverse lunges

Jump Rope – 2 Minutes

Strength – 1 Minute – Stork Stance with a reverse fly – standing on one leg other one up like a capital T for 30 seconds and switching legs half way through the minute to even it out. Lifting arms up to the side and back to centre in a slow and controlled movement.

Jump Rope – 2 Minutes

Strength – 1 Minute – Dips with a toe reach – Hands on a chair, table or ledge dip down and then reach opposite hand to foot to get your core also into the routine!

Jump Rope – 2 Minutes

Strength – 1 Minute – Side Lunges with a Knee Up alternate side to side to really work that booty!

Jump Rope -2 Minutes

Strength – 1 Minute – Push Ups – the best upper body move EVER! Just do it – start on your toes and take it to your knees if you need to but push yourself chicks!

Jump Rope – 2 Minutes

Strength – 1 Minute – Plank Hold – on elbows or hands hold plank working your core. Stay up on your toes for as long as you possibly can!

Final Cool Down Stretch – 2 Minutes – this is when you preform static movements holding stretches for at least 15 seconds per stretch.

Remember chicks with HIIT or any type of workout you want to always be working out at your 9 out of 10 so push hard and get through it, in the end you will thank yourself, guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for, grab your jump rope, head outdoors and get your sweat on!

Amanda xo