CTV Morning: Our cottage strength training must have for 2015!

Hey Chick,

We know summer season is here and let’s be honest, do you actually work out on the weekend or at the cottage?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t. I don’t think most people do.

I headed to CTV Ottawa last week to take peeps through how to still get a fierce strength training workout at the cottage and it got me thinking “How many people ACTUALLY work out on the weekend?” (well other than the bicep curl of bringing a cocktail to your mouth :). Then it moved to my next thought “If that is the case, how can we HELP you get inspired to workout on the weekend?”.

I truly believe a lot of peeps don’t exercise when they are away NOT because they don’t want to but because you have NO IDEA what to do! (Especially when it comes to strength training on the road. Who wants to lug 15lb dumbbells on vacation?!).

And there is nothing worse than feeling like you are in an awesome fitness routine, being consistent and feeling fierce then suddenly you go away for 2 weeks, throw in the towel as you aren’t sure re exercises and come home feeling like crap.

So in this CTV Ottawa spot, my true goal is to get you comfortable (and pumped!) to try one of the most under used but super awesome pieces of fitness equipment for you to keep on track – the resistance band!

I personally use them all the time and love them. Why do I love them for resistance training especially for workouts on the road?

Resistance bands help you build and maintain muscle to burn more muscle when doing nothing.
You can do ANY strength training exercise with bands that you can do with weights
They are light weight and portable (but you can get resistance bands equivalent to up to 200lb weights so don’t think they are easy!)
They are cheap! It is like having a full weight set in your purse for less than $20

So this weekend as we get geared up to head away, no you have NO EXCUSE to not work those guns while away. A 20 min resistance band routine can go a long way so add this to your summer fun toolbox

Hope this helps chicks and happy training!

Laura, your Head Chick


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