The convo that got us really FIRED up today!

Hey Chick,

It is 3 days before the early chick registration closes for the April Fitness & Nutrition Expert and we were in the office today having a “Laura & Amanda Life Talk” that got us fired up so we had to share with you.

So what was the convo…

As you know their is nothing that upsets us more than seeing peeps not creating the life, body and health they truly want(because you can!).

So this got us on the topic of what makes 1 person totally “GO FOR IT” while the other sits back and says “I wish I could BUT (insert reason / excuse here)”.  What makes one person successful while the other feels completely stuck in a rut?

You know these peeps,  The “GO FOR IT” decides to lose weight and 6 months later, they have changed their habits and they are down 25lbs.  Or they hate their job so decide they want to change careers and 3 months later, they are graduating a program that will help them do just that.

On the flip side, you have the “Stuck in the But” peeps who KNOW they want to achieve these things but that little self doubt monster creeps in (or it could be real peeps in their life like when my Dad told me I would never make a living in fitness and I proved him totally wrong! You can read more about that here) with the big, bad B word…BUT.

They decide to lose weight and 6 months later, they have been having snack attacks while watching Netflix and skip their workouts constantly so their body & weight hasn’t changed.  Or they hate their job so decide they want change their careers and 3 months later, they are still talking about it what they should be doing and researching their “out” on the internet during work hours and late at night.

So what is different between these 2 people (other than 1 is happy and one is not?)  What makes someone “GO FOR IT” and make real, awesome changes in their life vs someone who is stuck in the “BUT”?

It really boils down to 1 simple thing….TAKING (IMPERFECT) ACTION!

The truth is we are ALL capable of creating and having EVERYTHING that we want. There is NO magic pill or formula. The difference between those who achieve it and those who are in the same, unhappy situation is that they DID something about.

We call it “imperfect action” and it is the opposite of what we have been told growing up that we need all our ducks in row before we move forward.  Imperfect action is the act of doing something IN SPITE of having your ducks in a row. You HAVE to do something even when you may not feel you are ready, you may have to cut back on some shopping to pay for it or you have to rearrange your time to make it happen.

Because that is the ONLY way your life will change. Life will just keep moving forward if you don’t.  No one will do it for you.  You have to do it for you.

There are only 2 options in life/relationships/careers/happiness…you are either growing or dying (I know it sounds a little harsh but think about it).

So which person are you going to be – a “Go for it” or a “Stuck in the But”?

Remember it is YOUR choice and we want you to grow, flourish, thrive, love and inspire because you CAN.

So let’s GO FOR IT!!

Laura & Amanda  – FIT CHICKS xo

PS – In case you need a little more love to help you become a “GO FOR IT” Girl, check out video 3 of our free training series where we take you through how to take action and the tools to do it