Burn killer calories with this 9 minute HIIT lower body blast!

Hey Chicks,

In a celebration of our LOVE for high intensity interval training, this is the perfect lower body / cardio burn in ONLY 9 minutes!

We base all of our in class bootcampsdvd workouts, tv show and retreats around this approach to training.  Why?  Because it is fast, burns major calories in a short amount of time and has been proven to be more effective than long bouts of cardio (who doesn’t like more bang for their buck!)

With summer involving a lot of travel, we have been receiving tons of requests from our chicks for some extra fitness love that they can take on the road with them and do anywhere. You ask…we make it happen:)

Check out this 9 minute lower body HIIT Workout..FIT CHICKS Style! Simply complete each exercise for 45 sec, followed by a 15 sec rest and repeat up to 2 times.

Remember chicks, this is a HIGH INTENSITY workout so give it all you got during the exercises and keep the rest times short to get the full benefits of HIIT training.

Want to take this with you? Click here to download the printable version

Happy sweating chicks!


PS – Reminder that due to the Labour Day Holiday, we have no classes on Mon Sept 7. September bootcamps launch Tues Sept 8th and are open for registration. Enter code “fall12” to save $80 off 🙂