MOTIVATION MONDAY – Finding inspiration everyday

Hey Chicks!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of warming up and getting peeps pumped  at the York Region annual Muscular Dystrophy Walk, Run or Stroll event as part of our ‘Chicks 4 Change’ Charity Initiative.

The awesome sponsors!

We also ran a little Bootcamp challenge for them, I mean we had to put the peeps through the paces before their walk, right 😉

Getting the crowd pumped with warm up & stretch before heading out!

This event was a fabulous success with loads of peeps supporting the cause as well as being there to support Christina the organizer of this event who at only 24 years old is a truly inspiring woman. She started this event to help raise money for research but also to raise awareness for this disease.

FIT CHICKS muscular Dystrophy walk to raise awareness

Introducing the fabulous Christina!

Christina was diagnosed at 13 years old so has experienced living with this debilitating disease but is living proof that you do not allow something to dictate what you do in life, instead you live the life you choose. She is an amazing, inspiring chick who doesn’t seem to let anything stand in her way of doing what she loves.

Christina also mentioned to me how this disease can make something like picking up a glass difficult at times for people who have been diagnosed and that it does get gradually worse at the years go on. This really reminded me just how fortunate we are to have the abilities we do and to never take it for granted.

Chick Sergeant Leora from our Markham Location rocking the booth

Chick Sergeant Leora from our Markham Location bringing the FIT CHICKS luv and support to the event

So the next time you are in class or pushing yourself into the uncomfortable zone think, I am so blessed to be able to do this instead of just thinking about how hard it is. This might help you push past those last few seconds of work and reach a whole new level of understanding and appreciation for yourself and your body.

Christina, congrats to you on this amazing event, I feel privileged and honored to have been a part of it and look forward to helping out for all future events if you will have me:)

Your Head Chick, Amanda xo

PS Oh and just a reminder that our June outdoors bootcamps start June 4th and we are heading outdoors – yay! Now if that isn’t motivation, I dont know what is!!