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Walking Our Way to Fabulous!

Some of you may know me from class or other events but if you are not sure, I am one of the founders and Head Chicks of FIT CHICKS. I admit I’m not much of a blogger, I have only written one before but I have now made a promise to myself and you chicks to post once a week for Fab Friday! I will be writing about events, health topics, exercises or whatever comes to mind in regards to life and wellness so make sure to check out our blog weekly to see whats going on. (Also be sure to check out Mama Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays too!)

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of being the training partner on site leading the Warm Up Stretches and walk at the Weekend Walk To End Women’s Cancer Training Walk Extravaganza! This was a 10km walk getting chicks geared up for their 60km amazing weekend walk coming up this fall. Not only was I able to get my sweat on power walking at the front of the group, but I also had the awesome experience of speaking to so many wonderful peeps about their own experience and hearing their stories as to why this was an important weekend for them. I felt honored and so excited to be a part of this so thank you so much to Jessica at the Weekend Walk for asking me to take part in such a fabulous day!

Oh, and side note after the walk I also was lucky enough to mingle with the peeps from the walk as well as the one and only Craig McKinnon from the Bachelorette. That is right, Chicks he was there volunteering as well and as you can see by the pics below he couldn’t help but offer Jillian our Newmarket Bootcamp Instructor and me a rose, we accepted;) LOL

Coming up soon I will be telling you chicks all about our next big charity event but I am curious what events do you help out or participate in? Leave a comment below and let me know!

I’d love to hear any questions or ideas for the blog. Email me at

Have an awesome weekend!