FITNESS FRIDAY- It’s a tabata challenge chicks!

Hey Chicks!

I know y’all have heard us say over and over again just how amazing Tabata training is– well I am here to remind you just how fabulous it is with your Fitness Friday Challenge 🙂

This challenge is simple but guaranteed to get your heart pounding! Inspired by our ‘Shape up with FIT CHICKS’ Totally Tabatas Bootcamp Episode this week that was on Rogers TV here are 4 sweet moves you can do to get a full body workout in less than 20 minutes!

First things first though, let me remind you how Tabata training works:

1.    You do the moves below 20 seconds as fast as you can 10 second rest repeat for a total of 8 rounds. Still not sure, watch the video below to get a quick rundown of Tabata’s with our Head Chick Laura on CTV Morning last week.

2.    You HAVE to get ugly – I mean like really work hard. Go to the ugly zone where speaking is not an option and your face goes bright red –that means you are at your 9 out of 10!

OK so for the workout you have 4 moves total. Complete the first exercise, all 8 rounds and then move onto the next.

1.    Star Jumping Jacks – touch the ground by your feet and jump up into a jumping jack position. For level 2 option jump into the air like the huge star that you are and spread those limbs long and proud!

2.    Push Ups – just when you thought Tabatas couldn’t get any tougher we add my favorite move to them and BAM your hit with some serious Tabata training!

3.    Burpees – one of our favorite moves because it works everything! For the 10 second “break” I want you to stop wherever you are so that means if you are in plank hold the plank if you happen to be standing then hold a low squat.

4.    Squats – simple but seriously effective. Level 2 add a jump to these making them more intense.

For Tabatas to work, you have to work so push hard, try not to break for long periods in between exercises and remember to breathe!!

Also, remember if you prefer to sweat along with us to Tabatas instead of flying solo on them you can check us out at Rogers Anyplace TV and watch the episodes or check out your local listings to see when the next ‘Shape up with FIT CHICKS’ airs on your local station.

Not a Rogers Customer – why not join the Head Chicks live at our Sweats and Sass Weekend Retreat at Horseshoe Resort in Barrie to not only experience Tabata’s but yoga, Zumba and so much more!
Have a FAB weekend chicks!
Amanda xo