21lbs & 27 inches and energy through the roof: Lindsay’s weightloss & fitness journey

Hey Chick,

There is one life lesson that we learned early on that has completely CHANGED our health/ business / life…can you guess what it is?

If you want to change something (ie your weight, your career, your finances), find someone else who is succeeding at it and do what they do.  Simple as that.

Find out how they became successful at achieving their goals and follow their path to success (this is where googling comes in VERY handy)

If transforming your health is on your goal list in 2016, then Lindsay’s story below is one path you need to follow. She has ADDED some awesome healthy habits, lost 21lbs & 27 inches, has energy seeping out of her pores…all the changes she made are SUPER easy and you can embrace TODAY!

With that we are done talking and will let the fierce Lindsay take it away (and she doesn’t mind if you copy her🙂

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Left – the Fierce Lindsay before taking on her fitness journey. Right – Lindsay after her fitness transformation dropping 21lbs down & 37 inches and energy through the roof!


What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

Lindsay- The reason I joined Fit Chicks (Ottawa Orleans location) is I needed something to keep me accountable and motivated to exercise. The classes are always on the same days each week and fit perfectly into my schedule, so I had no excuse but to be there and sweat it out.

What is the biggest change you have seen in your life since joining FIT CHICKS? How has fitness and nutrition changed your life for the better?

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Lindsay – It’s crazy how much exercising can change your life. I started with working out twice a week with Fit Chicks, which inspired me to start eating better. When I began to see results, it motivated me to do more. Now I’m eating healthy meals each day and I have so much more energy. When I get home from the office, I have the energy to do activities and things around the house. It’s great!

What do you find is your biggest challenge to continue to choose to be active? How do you overcome it?

Lindsay – I’ve always been a big couch potato; I love sitting in my pj’s and marathoning TV shows on Netflix. Obviously, this tends to be a more attractive option than working out. To overcome this temptation, I get home and get straight into my workout gear. I don’t give myself the chance to get lazy… and I use Netflix as a reward for an awesome workout done.

What tools do you use to keep you on a healthy track outside of class?

Lindsay – The two tools I use to keep myself on track are:

  1. My Fitbit: I got a fitbit this summer and I love it! It helps me get motivated to walk more. I do small things like walk to the mailbox, instead of driving by.
  2. Healthy snacks: I always stock my pantry with healthy snacks, portioned out and ready to go when I get a craving. Things like nuts, crackers or dried fruit are great to have on hand.

If you could give one piece of advice to a chick just starting her fitness journey, what would it be?

Lindsay – Start small. Start with little things you can do to be more active and eat healthy. Once you start getting into the groove of those changes, you can start to incorporate more. Remember that this is a lifestyle change and the beginning of a new you – there is no need to rush it!  

What are 3 things in your gym bag and/or kitchen could you not live without?

Lindsay – The three things in my gym bag and kitchen that I can’t live without are

  1. My Water Bottle: I love water, I’m constantly drinking it. We have to stay hydrated when you’re sweating it out in class.
  2. My food scale: I use this to help portion control my food. I never realized how much food I was eating before (way more than 1 portion) and I was always bloated after.
  3. My Juicer: Juicing is an amazing way to add a healthy boost to your day. Anytime I feel a cold coming on, I make a veggie juice and it helps keep me healthy. It may not taste amazing but I always feel great after drinking it.

What is your fave FIT CHICKS Signature workouts & why? Is there anything that is different about your experience at FC than at other gyms or classes?

Lindsay – My fave FIT CHICKS workout has got to be “Burpee Love”. I have a love/hate relationship with this workout but it kicks my butt every time!

The thing I love most about FIT CHICKS is that the classes are a good size. Unlike at a gym, your chick sergeant always has time to help you out with a new workout move and pays enough attention to you so that you don’t cheat. I always leave the class feeling like I gave everything I had. 

Being fierce is about healthy inside & out. How do you stay motivated and thinking positive about fitness and health? What do you do to nurture your soul and celebrate your fierceness?

Lindsay – The way I stay motivated is to keep telling myself that I’m in better shape than I was yesterday. As long as I keep moving forward and keep trying to make better choices with the food I eat, then I’m achieving my goal. Along the way, I make sure to have a lot of “me time” to celebrate my progress, things like having an extra long bubble bath or going for a pedicure. These types of things help me feel great about my body, and it allows me to stay focused on my goals.

Chick – thanks for sharing your fitness journey with us…you are an inspiration to all!