Guess who’s in Canadian Living Magazine this month?!

Hey Chick,

So funny story….

Before the holidays we got a call from one of our long time fave magazines, Canadian Living, asking us if we would be interested in helping to inspire Canadian women to get healthy in their February edition.



Ummmm OBVIOUSLY we would! A triple whammy of spreading the healthy love awesomeness:

  1. Getting to celebrate Lisa,  our Toronto Downtown chicks’, hard work and amazing fitness transformation by losing 50lbs with bootcamp
  2. Being able to inspire and give tools to women across our great country to help reach their fitness & health goals
  3. Reach one of my personal goals of being in Canadian Living as it is one of the few magazines that features & celebrates women in a real way – not photoshopped or fitness models prepping for 8 weeks for the shoot and selling “6 Pack abs in 6 days” type of BS.  Not to mention it has inspired so many of recipes growing up!

I was so excited for this!


So back to the funny story.  After they interviewed Lisa and I for the article, Canadian Living told me it would be featured in the February edition.

I was so pumped that I made a note in my Feb calendar, set an alert to reminder, told our team/my friends/family to make sure that in Feb to pick up a copy.

Fast forward to 2 days ago.  My mom (aka Mama J) calls me saying I almost drowned her! Say what?! (I live in Toronto and she is in Ottawa so while I would never drown my mom, there is no physical way I could even if I wanted to).

She was in the bath, reading her Canadian Living Magazine and was feeling inspired after reading this article about an awesome chick who was 50 years old and lost 50lbs, changed her life and maintained it.

Then suddenly she sees “Laura Jackson, co founder of FIT CHICKS” in the side bar, giving tips to the secrets to long term healthy success.  The magazine goes flying up in the air, she tries to save it from going in the water and in the meantime ends up dunking under (Mama J is a little wonder where I get it from lol)

With all the holiday craziness, I totally forgot that the February edition comes out in January!! Poor Mama J lost her magazine and got an unexpected hair wash  because I messed up the dates (sorry Mom I will send you a copy) .

Not to worry – Mama J is still alive and kickin’

So that said if you need some New Year inspiration, pick up the Feb Edition of Canadian Living THIS MONTH and check out Lisa’s FIT CHICK story on page 27 & some tips from yours truly. Or to avoid potential drowning, click here to read the online version 🙂

And if you haven’t made your commitment to getting moving this year yet, you can still join our January programs. Our January #fitchickseveryday challenge is ROCKING with support, motivation and lots of awesome eats & workouts and there is always room for you!

Happy New Year,


PS.  Huge shout outs too to Jenn from the Toronto Harbourfront Bootcamp who has been a Lisa’s fierce trainer, motivator and rockstar during her journey.  We heart ya & cyber high fives chick xo

(sorry Mom I will send you a copy)