It’s a double transformation: Celebrating sisters Julie & Marie’s fitness journey!


When the healthy sisterhood spreads, you have to CELEBRATE! And that is what this month’s chick of the month is all about.  We are rocking not only 1 but TWO awesome, inspiring healthy transformation from FIT CHICK sisters & workout partners, Julie & Marie,from our Toronto North – Forest Hill Bootcamp.

Turning their much loved sister time into “let’s get active” sister time to help focus on their health, their results have been amazing. From losing weight & inches, increasing strength & finally finding their fitness “happy place”, these 2 super supportive rockstars are not only an awesome inspiration to all women but are each fitter, fiercer and HAPPIER than ever!

Take it away chicks!

1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS? Did you join together?

Julie- For the past few years my sister and I have set aside some sister time each year to celebrate our birthdays, whether it be to see a play or a weekend getaway. Last year was a turning point for us, we felt it was time for us to focus on our health through fitness and so what better than an all woman fitness boot camp!

Marie – To celebrate our birthdays (July & August), we like to do an activity together. Wanting to do something different, Julie suggested Fit Chicks. We liked the fact that we would be working out outside. We signed up for the month of September and have been Fit Chicks ever since.

2. What have been the biggest change in your health/body/life since joining FIT CHICKS?

Julie – The impact has been on many levels which is surprising to me. For instance I didn’t expect to gain a positive perspective on all things, on myself yes as isn’t that the purpose of fitness?! I have gained so much more, a positive outlook on life, a new found enthusiasm for the world around me.

Marie – My main goal in joining Fit Chicks was to get back to doing regular strength and cardio exercise so that I am healthy and fit as I get older and start my medicare supplement plan. I have not kept track of my measurements and weight as that does not motivate me. Having said that, I have lost approximately 7 lbs and I know that I have lost inches because of the way my clothes fit. My level of fitness and stamina has improved tremendously.

I feel so much better physically and mentally. Corny but so true! I make a point of being active every day whether it is walking my dog, a Fit Chick video, some yoga or a class. Also trying to fine tune my nutrition awareness.

3. Do you have a healthy trick, tip, recipe or tools that you use outside of class that you could share to help someone else in their fitness journey?

Julie – My trick is to keep focusing on the fact that my fitness is a work in progress. Some days I perform better than others and that is ok. So keep a positive outlook and let go of the disappointments along the way

Marie – . I use the videos sent by Fit Chicks as well as the 20 minutes FC work outs that are sent by email. I also wear an activity bracelet and make sure I meet or exceed my target every day.

4. What in your gym bag or kitchen could you not live without?

Julie – I love my new crazy coloured capri workout pants!

Marie – Can’t live without my healthy staples in the kitchen: eggs, nutritional yeast and Mrs. Dash 🙂 Also my Ipod in my gym bag.

5.  What is your fave FIT CHICKS Workout and why?

Julie –  I don’t have a favourite workout as I love the diversity! And that is what is different about FC from any other gym or class I have taken.

Marie – My faves are Tabatas and then the Eliminators workouts: they are tough and I groan through them but feel amazing afterwards. I find the class goes by so quickly! I enjoy the camaraderie with the other Chicks and our Chick Sergeant Morgan is always encouraging us to push ourselves just that little bit more.

6. If you could give one piece of positive advice to a chick just starting on her fitness journey, what would it be?

Julie – Don’t be discouraged! It is brutally difficult at first, not only because it becomes clear very quickly just how out of shape you are but also because the classes are so physically demanding. And yet, in what seems like no time, your resistance increases and the benefits keep on coming!

Marie – Don’t give up! Halfway through our first class, I looked at Julie and said “you chose this 🙂 !!” You always feel good after the class.

Chicks- thanks for sharing your fitness journey and keep up the amazing work of inspiring US to spread the healthy love and reach our goals-  Amazing job!


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