It’s a double transformation: Brittany & Courtney’s fitness & weightloss journey!


When the healthy sisterhood spreads, you have to CELEBRATE! And that is what this month’s chick of the month is all about.  We are rocking not only 1 but TWO awesome, inspiring healthy transformation from FIT CHICK besties, Brittany & Courtney, from our Calgary Crowfoot Bootcamp.

Introducing the dynamic duo: Brittany & Courtney!

While each had different goals when joining, their results have been amazing. From dropping almost 15lbs post baby weight in 8 weeks, losing 14 inches and rocking push ups on their toes like no one’s business, these 2 super supportive rockstars are not only an awesome inspiration to all women but are each fitter, fiercer and HAPPIER than ever!

The Fierce Courtney - 15lbs & 14 inches down!

Take it away chicks!

The healthy sister hood!

1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS? Did you join together?

Brittany – Yes, we joined together. Courtney and I looked online for a boot camp in June 2013 and couldn’t find one that had not already started or was crazy expensive. This year I hopped online  in March to make sure we didn’t miss any for the summer and Fit Chicks had the perfect location, time of day, and was reasonably priced. Courtney and I also signed up for a couple races this summer including the Spartan race so we needed something that would give us strength and endurance in all areas. My husband and I are also going on a hiking trip with 30 pound packs and I wanted to be strong and healthy enough to enjoy it and not die.

Courtney – Brittany and I met the summer she was doing a bootcamp with her sister-in-law. I had always wanted to do a bootcamp because I thought it would be such a great workout. The following summer, we looked into doing a bootcamp together.  We googled it and found that all of the bootcamps that showed up were already in session or much too expensive.  And then, I got pregnant!  Fatigue plagues me during pregnancy and so exercising falls by the wayside, but I was convinced that once this baby came, I’d do everything I could to get the baby weight off.  I never got all the baby weight off with my first baby and I was determined not to let that happen again!While I was still pregnant, Brittany and I, along with our other friend, signed up for 2 races this summer.  A Color Me Rad 5k and a Spartan 5k.  We knew we were going to need to train a lot for the Spartan obstacle course!

When I was about 3 weeks postpartum, Brittany called to say that she found a FIT CHICKS bootcamp that started when I was only  at 5 weeks postpartum. I was so sad that I couldn’t start it, but then I called headquarters and they were able to let me start a week late so I could get an okay from my doctor to begin.  I was so excited.  Brittany started on time and I joined her 1 week later when I was 6 weeks postpartum.

What have your results been like since joining FIT CHICKS?

Brittany – I did this boot camp for strength/fitness and not weight loss. I have maintained my weight and have lost 4 inches overall. Hubby has commented on seeing a difference in my body so that’s a plus:) I started with only being able to do girl push ups and regular squats. Day one I did 25 girl push ups/ 15 burpees/ and 19 squats. This last fitness test I did 21 real push ups and 10 girl push ups/ 17 burpees/ and 32 jump squats. I can run 5K’s faster than I have ever been able to in my life and I’m working on 10K’s for the first time.

Courtney – Here is a little overview of my results (I know that even in the 2 weeks since these measurements were taken that I’ve lost even more!  So excited to keep seeing great results!!!)

  • Lost 14.2 lbs
  • Lost 14 inches
  • Went from 23 push-ups on my knees to 10 push-ups on my toes followed by 25 push-ups on my knees in 1 minute
  • Went from 14 burpees (without jumping in between) to 23 burpees in 1 minute
  • Went from 29 regular squats to 46 jump squats in 1 minute

What is the biggest change you have seen in your life since joining FIT CHICKS?

Brittany – The biggest change for me would be I’m happier. I work at home in my basement, so it’s very easy to get cabin fever. Boot camp forces me to leave the house, work up a sweat so I can enjoy those lovely endorphin’s, and it gives me that time to be social since I’m home alone all day.

Since I am working out on a regular basis it has made my nutrition intake a lot healthier. I’m not craving sweets as much as I did. I have more energy so I’m not wanting that sweet in the middle of the day for that pick me up. The work outs are very intense so I am conscious of the fact that I need protein and veggies at every meal. Plus Tuesday and Thursday nights I can’t eat a very big dinner or else I will throw up during the work out. Helps with portion control:)

Courtney – Not only have I seen tremendous changes in my body (weight loss, inches lost, and muscles forming), I feel happy.  I suffered from postpartum depression with my first baby and I wanted to try anything I could to prevent that (even though I understand sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do!) Exercise has become my happy time.  I get to leave my 2 kids with my extremely supportive husband, forget all my worries, and just sweat up a storm.  I get to focus on me for 1 hour and spend time with other women who inspire me each day!

3. What tools do you use to keep you on a healthy track outside of class? Do you use the FIT CHICKS Workout Map?

Brittany – I love having a program telling me what to do each day so the Fierce in 8 workout map was great. Each day we would text each other to see how the 50 push ups or the video went that day. I was pressured into not skipping a day because all my friends were doing it and they’d be following up.

I also use Nike’s running app to track my runs and my fitness pal app to track my calorie intake. I have a treadmill desk that I walk and stand on while I work to limit the long periods of sitting throughout the day.

Courtney – I use a few iPhone apps to help me outside of class.  I track all of my food intake and exercise on myfitnesspal and I’ve also been doing a couch to 5k.

I am always grateful to have different workout videos that FIT CHICKS includes to help break up my regular workout routine.  And, my 2 year old loves to do dips and push-ups with me when those days call for it on the FIERCE in 8 Workout Map!  She’s learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle!

4. If you could give one piece of positive advice to a chick just starting on her fitness journey, what would it be?

Brittany Don’t ever skip a boot camp class unless it’s absolutely necessary. There have been so many times that I’ve wanted to skip because working out was the last thing I wanted to do but I’ve pushed through every time and it’s always worth it at the end. I did a boot camp two years ago and I allowed myself to skip a few classes because I wasn’t feeling up to it. It’s not worth it. I didn’t join boot camp for weight loss but for the ones that are please remember that weight loss it 85% food and 15% exercise. You can be working out like crazy but if you’re not monitoring the calories and eating healthy you will not see results.

Courtney – Plan for exercise.  Schedule it into your day.  As a mom, it is so hard to find time to exercise.  Sometimes, it feels impossible.  I know everyone’s circumstances are different, but you can do it.  Find the solution that works best for you and your family and give it your all.


I am proud of Brittany and Courtney for so many reasons! They came with a goal in mind. They are super motivated and super motivating for the other chicks in the class. They come with enthusiasm and rarely miss a class.  Never make excuses and always has a positive attitude.  In my class we don’t say the word “I can’t”, we only say the word “I can”, and they take this to a whole new level of pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do.

For Courtney as a mom, you are showing your kids how to take care of yourself first, which is an amazing lesson to teach and learn. And for Brittany, you are truly gaining strength outside and in.  And that strength will continue build as you go forward and will benefit you in all the things you do. So proud of you both and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two!

So strong they can even carry their fearless leader aka Chick Sergeant Tara Jo!

Chicks- thanks for sharing your fitness journey with us and keep inspiring US to spread the healthy love and reaching our goals!  Amazing job!


PS – If you want to join in the healthy fun with the fierce Tara Jo at the Calgary Crowfoot Bootcamp, email and we will get you all set with a trial class!