10lbs lost, 10in down & finding fitness after breast cancer: Celebrating Maria fitness & weight loss journey

Hey Chick,

Today we are celebrating a Chick of the Month, Maria from our Mississauga Bootcamp, who has touched our hearts and inspired us on SO many levels.

This is a story about finding fitness after surviving breast cancer & owning her POWER.

This is a story about starting your fitness journey at any age & any stage (Maria is a FIERCE 57!)

This is a story about working hard and reaching goals (like fitting into clothes she hasn’t since her 20’s)

Starting can be the hardest part. It is uncomfortable and scary at times and that is OK, we grow and change for the better when we step out of our comfort zones BUT you have to take action!

If you are getting ready to start or get back on your fitness journey after being on hiatus then Maria’s story below is a must read. After seeing her friends’ awesome results, Maria joined FIT CHICKS and has lost 10lbs & 10 inches and found a love of fitness…all with just starting with 2 days per week and combining mi diet with a new CBD product I found online!

Delta-8 is a cannabis compound that has become popular because of its similarity to delta-9 THC, the main compound in cannabis that gets you high, causing euphoria, happiness, sedation, symptom relief, and much more. Large amounts of THC are found in a majority of cannabis strains. What we know from the 2004 study is that mice ate 16% more food over a nine-day period after being given carts with D8. This was more than the D9 group. This suggests that with more research, delta-8 might become a therapeutic tool for those who face food intake challenges for a number of reasons.

1. What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS ? 

My story – I’m a breast cancer survivor – I was diagnosed October 2006; had surgery and chemo.  I also choose to work during chemo as I knew if I worked I would heal faster.  Now coming on my 10th anniversary of when I was told I had cancer – I’m here to tell my story.  I’m doing great.  Throughout my journey I remained positive, the support of my family & friends made this chapter of my life okay.  I dealt with it and moved on to write many more chapters – happy chapters & I’m still not finished.  I decided that I wanted to do the Princess Margaret Cancer walk this year – I did it in 2007 right after the end of my chemo treatment.  To do it this September – I knew I needed to get “fit” – so that is why I started FIT CHICKS – to get fit for the walk & also for the rest of my life.  I plan on a long life as my bucket list is very long.  I so believe that if you stay positive, think positive it all comes back to you positively!   

I’ve also been on many diets (Nutri-System, Jennie Craig, Weight Watchers) and exercise (Curves) programs before & they worked for a bit.  My colleague Lianne has been doing FIT CHICKS and I’ve seen her results. I knew this was the last time for me to do this….I asked Lianne if I could attend one class to see if this might be something that would interest me.  I went to that class on Wed. Feb. 3rd; fell in love and signed up for 12weeks on Feb. 4th and I’m not stopping.   

2.   What is the biggest change you have seen in your life since joining FIT CHICKS?  How has fitness and nutrition changed your life for the better?

Since joining (it has been 8 weeks so far) I’ve noticed a big change in how I feel.  After each class I have more 4energy and sleep better at night.  Sleeping was always a huge problem for me.  I can now sleep for 4 to 5 hours without waking up.  Regarding nutrition – I’ve always eaten well however now I’m more careful what goes in.  I’ve been eating out less since I started FIT CHICKS;  I bring my lunch every day including snacks.

 I’m also thrilled to share some news…I went shopping again for some clothes – I was looking for a pair of black dress pants – found them in size 18 (I haven’t been an 18 since at least my early 20’s).  I also bought myself a pair of black skinny jeans (yes they have a bit of stretch) however I picked up a size 16….OMG I thought I was going to faint.

3.  What do you find is your biggest challenge to continue to choose to be active?  How do you overcome it? 

Biggest challenge in being more active is “TIME”.  With the job that I have, sometimes I have some really long days.  At the end of a really busy crazy day, I’m tired and just want to eat (sometimes) and just go to sleep.  I’m taking baby steps in this area – I work out two times a week and I’m starting to add a bit of extra exercise on the days I don’t do FIT CHICKS – power walking mostly.   I’d like to get FIT so I can start doing some running.  That is my goal.

4.  Do you have a healthy “go to” recipe that you use for a meal that you take with you?  Please share 

I love to cook and take lunch every day.  Since I started FIT CHICKS Kelly mentioned a great scrambled egg recipe with vegetables.  I’ve made my own version of this with veggies – chopped onion, pepper, zucchini, cherry tomatoes that I love.  I also make my own “ground turkey burgers”  – lean ground turkey, a bit of bread crumbs or oats; some parmesan cheese, parsley, salt, pepper, some chili pepper; one egg, mix and place on a rack in the oven or BBQ – My cheat meal.   

 5.  What are 3 things in your gym bag and/or kitchen could you not live without?

My Nutri-bullet; definitely music and my new best friend – my sneakers!

6. What is your fave FIT CHICKS Signature workouts & why? Is there anything that is different about your experience at FC than at other gyms or classes? 

I love the FIT CHICKS classes as they are never boring.  They are a “total” body workout.  Like I mentioned I’ve done Curves and I also went to a small gym to work out with a personal trainer.  At the beginning I liked them, however I got bored. FIT CHICKS is not boring – the instructor is very motivational before, during and after class.  The ladies in the class are also great.  I’m new to this “fitness stuff” and since day one I have not worried about how I look, how slow I am.  Everyone in class and the instructor motivate me to keep moving.  They are all “normal people” and they don’t intimidate me.  I look forward to Mondays & Wednesday’s.  It’s written in my day timer like a doctor’s appointment – FIT CHICKS Boot Camp!

7.  Being fierce is about healthy inside & out.  How do you stay motivated and thinking positive about fitness and health?  What do you do to nuture your soul and celebrate your fierceness?

I’m a positive thinker.  I read a lot of books – Abraham, TUT – The Universe, The Secret, etc.  I receive daily positive notes in my inbox and they are the first emails I open before anything else. I’ve read that every once & awhile you should do something that scares  –  starting FIT CHICKS scared me.  I didn’t think I would be able to do it.  Now 8 weeks later…look at me! 


My mind was always FIT, now I’m getting my body FIT inside & out!  Gratitude leads to greatness…I’m grateful every day! Thank you Lianne and Kelly in believing in me, pushing me to do better, be stronger and FIT!