Improved athletic performance, a renewed love of sports, and new connections: Navjit’s fitness success story!


Hey Chicks,

Summer is here outdoor bootcamps  and have arrived! Need some encouragement to get out there and get sweating? Well look no further than our latest FIT CHICKS success….the fabulous Navjit!

Being fit means different things to different people, and for Navjit from our Toronto Orde Street location, joining FIT CHICKS bootcamp has not only renewed her love of sports, but translated into improved athletic performance as well as overall functional fitness! We are super excited to share her story with you and let you get to know a little more about Navjit!

What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

I joined at the suggestion of my sister who has always been a lot better at working out regularly, than I have been. The fact that the camp is just a stone’s throw away from my place, was a big bonus.


What is the biggest change you have seen in your life since joining FIT CHICKS? How has fitness and nutrition changed your life for the better?

For me, I’ve been really excited about my improved overall, functional, as well as athletic fitness. Through bootcamp, I’ve been able to better manage a few muscular imbalances in my body which has made my day to day more comfortable. More excitingly, I’ve noticed that my performance in the sports I enjoy participating in has improved! Nothing beats the moment when you realize you just jumped higher than you have before in order to make that (volleyball) block.

What do you find is your biggest challenge to continue to choose to be active? How do you overcome it?

I’m not gonna lie, I want to nap through sessions A LOT. We’re all busy and tired. The number of times my classmates and I talk about having wanted to nap instead of working out, is comical. The thing that keeps me motivated is my bootcamp tribe. Whether it be Lara (our Chick Sargeant), or one of my fellow participants, their dedication to show up also motivates me. If I just show up, I personally think, that alone is a big accomplishment. You never know what will happen during session to further motivate you and more often than not, I end up leaving the session with more energy than I came into session with. I love my Orde tribe!

What are 2 – 3 tools you use to keep you on a healthy track outside of class?

I love to stay active with sports. Thanks to the added fitness level I achieved through bootcamp alone, I’ve been able to return to basketball and volleyball. I do sport twice a week in addition to bootcamp twice a week. I have also been keen on exploring additional sports.

If you could give one piece of positive advice to a chick just starting on her fitness journey, what would it be?

Just show up. Don’t give yourself permission to skip out on an activity. By all means, take it easy if you need to but don’t avoid it all together. Part of starting your journey if figuring out what you like/what you don’t like more so than what you can do/not do. If you like something enough, you’ll stick to it regardless of whether or not you can perform at an Olympic level. How much you can do is not important so much as how much you try and how much you challenge yourself. That’s how I see it 😉

Do you have a healthy “go to” recipe that you use for a meal that you take with you? Please share

I like a quick, easy, healthy snack over a full meal. My go to easy-peasy option is a boiled egg. It’s inexpensive, easy to prepare, easy to transport and really hits the spot. If I want to make it into more of a meal, I usually add in a bit of fruit.

What are 3 things in your gym bag and/or kitchen could you not live without?

I’m a pretty light packer and like to keep things simple. Musts for me are having my gym bag always packed with a few different sock options. I like to have spares in case I work up too much of a sweat!. My footwear is also always packed and always switched out according to which activity I’m doing.

What is your fave FIT CHICKS Signature workouts & why? Is there anything that is different about your experience at FC than at other gyms or classes?

I don’t know why but I like the pyramid workout! As for as what’s different about my bootcamp experience compared to a gym or other classes the biggest difference is that this is actually hella FUN!


Being fierce is about healthy inside & out. How do you stay motivated and thinking positive about fitness and health? What do you do to nurture your soul and celebrate your fierceness?

Life is very transient in nature. Something that is true about your life one moment, maybe isn’t true about your life an instant later, in the grand scheme of things. I don’t take for granted that in this moment in time I have good health and that it takes work on my part to keep it that way. Things will change but I can be in control of doing what’s best for me. For me, fitness is less about my muscle tone as it it about finding something you enjoy doing or learning, and doing it with good company. I’m so glad to have found all of the above through FIT CHICKS bootcamp, especially since it has been a turning off point for my long dormant active lifestyle. If it weren’t for FIT CHICKS, I wouldn’t have gotten back into sports and I would have just spent my time waiting for the MLS game schedule and tickets! It has helped open up a pathway in my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced and I’m all the better for it.

Navjit, thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story! We are all super proud of you!


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