FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #57: Finding your fit with Kathleen Trotter

Hey Chicks,

This week on the podcast, we are welcoming one of our “fitness sisters” who shares our beliefs in Livin’ La Vida FIT CHICK, Kathleen Trotter! As personal trainer, fitness media expert and featured health writer for the Globe & Mail & Huffington Post,  Kathleen’s work is all about helping how to create a lifestyle of health that actually works for YOU and not based on a cookie cutter approach.

Kathleen Trotter has been a personal trainer and fitness expert since 2002 and a fitness writer and media expert since 2008. She has been the featured personal trainer in The Globe and Mail’s online Fitness Basics weekly web series since 2002.

Her videos are regularly included in The Globe’s weekly newsletter for subscribers. Kathleen also writes two columns for The Globe and Mail and blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and Healthy Directions magazine. In addition, she has written for Impact Magazine, Breathe, Alive, Canadian Running, Today’s Parent, Chatelaine, and Glow.

Kathleen makes regular TV and media appearances on CTV News, CHCH News, Breakfast Television, and CBC. She has been a guest on the radio shows Beyond the Cheers and the John Oakley Show. Since early 2014 she has worked with Sears Canada as their health ambassador, appearing both in TV and print media.

A selection of Kathleen’s videos are available on her YouTube channel. Recently, Kathleen was hired as a nutritional ambassador for a chain of Mexican restaurants called Quesada, for whom she advocates healthy nutrition choices on the go. On behalf of Quesada, Kathleen makes appearances on Toronto’s Breakfast Television. Her monthly “Trotter’s Tips” can be found in Quesada stores across Canada.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Discovering that we are “fitness sisters” in that we believe in the same healthy principles of Living La Vida FIT CHICK
  • The importance of making fitness fun and social
  • Fun ways to incorporate fitness into your daily life
  • Why you should avoid things you are not into
  • Finding your fitness bliss
  • Eating real, whole foods made with love
  • Why eating should not be a punishment
  • Giving yourself some love and avoiding the negative self talk
  • Staying in your fitness lane
  • Spreading the healthy love within your community

3 Key Points:

  1. Move everyday! Even if you do not have a lot of time fit in small increments because every little bit adds up!
  2. Eat because you love your body and feel privileged that you are able to do so rather than deprived.
  3. Meet people where they are on their own healthy journey to keep them motivated and excited and not overwhelmed.

Resources Mentioned:

Killer Resources!

  1. Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program:   Get certified in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business in 12 weeks! Registration is open for the Sept 27, 2017
  2. Natural Weight Loss Coach: Become a nutrition weight loss expert!  8 week program starts Oct 23, 2017

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting or changing an exercise or nutrition program