FIT CHICKS head into CBC’s “Dragon’s Den”!

Hey Chicks,

So you want to know what happened when the Head Chicks flew the Coop to take on in Season 9 of CBC’s “Dragon’s Den”?

While we can’t tell you the whole story yet, here is a little behind the scenes peek of what went down 🙂

You know we love our bucket list of goals. And in Feb 2014, we decided it was time to check one more off the list (actually it was bucket list item #27 “To spread the healthy love on CBC “Dragon’s Den” and not get eaten alive by Kevin O’Leary!”). We packed up the chick mobile and headed to Niagara Falls to audition.

The whole process was AWESOME. The ideas, the creativity, the kookiness, the people – we left feeling like it went great but also inspired but being around other entrepreneurs. The one thing that really resonated with us was that these were all peeps who were PASSIONATE about their lives, taking a chance and going after their dreams just like we did over 5 years ago, sitting in a townhouse in Toronto and knowing we had to make our mission of getting Canadian women pumped and involved in their health a reality.

We left feeling great and 1 month later we got the call….we made it into the DEN! They felt our CHICK POWER loud and proud and we were heading to film at CBC on April 1st (Oh did we mention we found a little over a week before and during this time had classes to launch across Canada, run a FIT CHICKS retreat, Laura had a fitness competition and get prepared! It’s a good thing we work well under pressure :).

So what happened next….you are going to have to wait to find out (but we can tell you Kevin O’Leary didn’t eat us alive as there are 2 new Dragon’s in his place – phew!). We wish we could tell you the FULL STORY but as the season will not begin airing until the Fall 2014 – Spring 2015, we have to keep it under wraps until the show begins to air. As soon as we know our air date we will be calling on our CHICK ARMY to celebrate the show, health, fierceness, entrepreneurs, going after your dreams and YOU for all the support over the last 5 years…stay tuned for more info!

Laura & Amanda xo