MOTIVATION MONDAY: Gearing up to stay healthy through the holidays!

Hey Chicks!

So today is an exciting one at the FIT CHICKS Coop as it is the first day of our 2 Week Special December Bootcamp classes – Woot Woot!  Which also means a whole lot of new and super festive workouts for all y’all. So if you have not signed up yet please be sure you do so ASAP as you do not want to miss out on this holiday joy (and we do not want to miss seeing your bright and shining faces there)

NowI know on December 1 it most likely hit that the holidays are fast and furious approaching but don’t let the stress build up in your bones chicks! Don’t allow the holiday “hustle and bustle” be the reason you don’t take care of you.   Just 1 workout a day willl keep you more calm, more at ease and more in line with reaching your goals. This could be anywhere from from 20 minutes (if you do our “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS Bootcamp” Series) or one hour a day to keep you on track.  Just make it a conscious choice to MOVE everyday!

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Also, remember that if you let yourself take some time off over the holidays you might regret it in the New Year as it is harder to get back on track after taking time off so try to always stick with the plan!
The holidays are also a time when you let emotions take over – the good and not so awesome ones – so here are a few super quick tricks to help you keep your cool in this hectic time.

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1. Waiting in line at the checkout and someone needs a price check but all you can think about is getting the rock outta there – relax and remind yourself of a time when maybe you held up a line and that perhaps what you need to rush home or out of there to do might not be as important as being frustrated in that moment.

2. Driving around in circles at the mall trying to score that perfect parking spot got you feeling a little mad – just park further away from the doors. Chances are there are a lot of spots on the “outskirts” of the lot and besides you can get more steps in – win win in my opinion!

3. Breathe!! No matter what it is that is happening in the moment just breathe and let it happen. No matter how angry, frustrated or crankasaurus you get it will not change the outcome only make matters worse so breathe it out and let it go.

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Finally, don’t forget if you are feeling a little emotional try just like letting it out – maybe wait til you get home but don’t bottle it up. Perhaps try some yoga moves like the pigeon pose to open up your hip joints, ground you and release emotional stress built up in your body or go for a long run. I know for me my biggest stress and emotional relief is working out,  without it I would be a wreck! So find what works for you and make sure you do it every day, even just a little bit goes a long way!

Your Head Chick,

Amanda xo

PS  If you are trying to find a different workout to inspire you or want to switch it up from Bootcamp, check out a free Zumba class with the fierce Jennifer at Don Mills on Dec 5th @ 6pm.  Just email to RSVP and for more details 🙂