Find Your Inner High Intensity Hottie!

Hey Chicks,

EXCITING NEWS! We are super pumped to let you know that starting in Jan 2011, your FIT CHICKS Bootcamp will now include a FREE FIT CHICKS 20 min “High Intensity Hottie” Workout Video – how fab is that?!

This 20 min workout is a fast and furious combo of high intensity intervals and strength training – it is like a mini bootcamp for you to do right in your living room! It is designed to tighten & tone your whole body, keep your heart pumping to burn the max amount of calories (in the shortest amount of time) and get even better results out of your FIT CHICKS Bootcamp.

And it gets even better! The video is available for all chicks who are enrolled in our 2011 FIT CHICKS Bootcamps to download / view from our NEW “Members Only” section of our website.

For a behind the scenes clip, just check our video of the Head Chicks below!

We can’t wait to sweat up a storm with you in your living room soon!

Have a fab day!
Your Head Chicks, Laura and Amanda xo