FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #145- A Saturated Market is not as Bad as you Think – Interview with Carolina Belmares



Are you obsessed with health and wellness and would love to transition to this industry as your full time career but feel like there is no space for you in this market? Over the years we have heard so many people share this fear and we are here to say STOP. Along with Carolina Belmares, owner of Sweat Glow Fitness we are here to tell you that it is possible to find your voice and space in this industry. In this interview Carolina shares with us the secret to being successful in this industry, the type of messaging you will want to share and why you need to stop letting fear get in the way of your dreams


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Why being a holistic trainer is so key to success in this industry
  • Why curiosity was more of a driving force in her life over passion
  • Carolina shares how she got into course creation and writing
  • What is important to remember when writing and creating content
  • Why experience is not the only thing you need to be able to create great content
  • How the market is shifting in terms of messaging
  • The key thing we need to see more of in marketing and sales messaging today in this industry
  • Why a saturated market is not a reason to stop pursuing your dreams and passion
  • and more!

About Carolina Belmares:

Carolina Belmares was born and raised in Mexico and lives in Canada. For the past seven years she has been helping people all around the world change their lives through her online coaching company, Sweatglow Fitness, and as a fitness writer. She has even co-authored two certification programs and textbooks for the fitness industry, including a certification on pre- and postnatal coaching.

She works with some amazing companies, like powerhouses Precision Nutrition and Girls Gone Strong. Carolina’s special talent is her ability to connect and guide with compassion, which plays a huge role in her work with women. She is a mom to three daughters, including a toddler and a teenager. She is also a trained doula, loves to travel and is an outspoken activist. She gets her energy to do it all by laughing A LOT and Salsa dancing.


Carolina’s coaching program begins on August 20th!

Because we always hear that “you shouldn’t start new programs in the summer”… and, well, I like to break the script 😉

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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