WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – Welcome to the beautiful world of burpees!

Hey Chicks,

Happy Wednesday!  I have been so pumped lately that the weather is getting warmer in Toronto and we are on countdown to our outdoor bootcamps on June 4th(I have been itching to hit the hills..sorry chicks;).

But while the outdoors will give us alot of awesome new elements to spice up your workouts, there is one exercise that is a staple of bootcamp (and all exercise routines) that can not abandoned not matter where we head…THE BEAUTIFUL BURPEE! Now I know you probably just cringed a little but the burpee is my most loved exercise for the following reasons:


1. It is a total body exercise (ie works tons of muscles so you get more calorie burn and toning in this exercise)

2. It is a strength training move AND an aerobic / cardio exercise (more bang for your buck!)

3.  You can do it anywhere! Indoors, outdoors, hotel rooms, in your office, at the bus stop (Well maybe that is a little overzealous:)…just find some space and you can get a killer workout

4. There are so many variations! Basic burpees, Knee up Burpees, sleeping Chick Burpees – there are so many and I am going to be introducing some of my faves to you over the next while

5. They are ALWAYS challenging. Whether you are fitness virgin or a seasoned vet, burpees are always challenging as long as you make sure you are pushing yourself to your 9 out of 10 and continue to change them as you get stronger.

So now more writing…let me show you 3 of my fave burpees in action for you to try at home!




Now this is just a little taste test of all the sweet burpees I love (and more coming soon!)…try them and let me know what you think!

Have a fab day,
Laura, Your Head Chick

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