Wellness Wednesday – Omelet Muffins are so delicious!

Hey Chicks,

I have been running so much lately in the evenings these days as I am teaching bootcamp 4 nights and have been trying to shake up my “grab and go” snacks that aren’t too heavy (the last thing you want is something to “revisit” you during class aka throw up!) but are satifying and high in protein to keep me full. That is when I discovered the “Omelet Muffin” on a blog that love called Mark’s Daily Apple. These puppies are portable, freeze well and are awesome reheated so you can make a batch and take on the road with you for breakkie, dinner or even just as a snack.

low carb omelet muffins

Omelets for the chick on the go!

Here are a few changes I made to the recipe from Mark’s site:

CHICK FEED:  An Omelet Muffin..chick style!

•6 eggs and 2 whites
•1/4 cup proscuitto, cut
•1/2 cup of spinach
•1/4 cup of chopped red onion and red peppers (reduce onion to 1/8 cup if too strong!)
••1/8 cup mayonnaise (this is a great recipe too from Mark’s site for homemade mayo..so much better than processed stuff!)
•1/8 cup water
•a pinch of salt and pepper (the proscuiotto is salty so I usually don’t use any salt)

(TIP: For a more “upscale” omelet muffin, I also put goat cheese and subbed the red peppers for roasted red peppers.  They are soooo yummy!)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I lined my muffin tins with the paper muffin cups as per his recommendation as they were easier to transport!

In a bowl, beat the eggs. Add meat, vegetables, salt, ground pepper, and any other ingredients and stir to combine.

Bake for approx 18-20 minutes.  Eat right away or cool and take with you on the road – so delicious!

What is great about these too is you can get as creative as you wantand turn your favorite omelet into a cup version 🙂 If you have any flavour combos you love, please share!

Make today fabulous!

Your Head Chick Laura xo