Lower Body Fat Loss Tips

Hey Chicks!

While it’s true you can’t spot reduce and lose weight only in your legs, by losing fat and shaping the muscles underneath, you will have a lean lower body in no time. Be sure to check out our  Awesome Arms exercises too for a total body workout!

1. Eat for fat loss

Eating to lose fat means eating clean, whole foods that nourish your bod and watching those pesky portion sizes. You can still over eat on healthy foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little treat while shedding the pounds! Try our recipe for healthy hot choccie to nip those evening chocolate cravings in the bud! Just keep it to one cup though – an no marshmallows 😉

2. Strength Train

No your legs won’t get bigger and bulkier! Strength training increases your metabolism and shapes your muscles so once the fat is burned you will be left with lean, toned gams. Need some strength training ideas beyond your typical squats and lunges? Sign up for one of our April Bootcamps, our fabulous Chick Sergeants have a ton of awesome moves up there sleeves to challenge you!

3. Get out there and walk, run, hike or just plain move!

You don’t have to be doing hours of cardio, but you need to be moving more than going to class twice a week. Being active burns extra calories and can really ramp up your weight loss efforts! 10,000 steps a day is what experts recommend – so get steppin’!

We have an amazing  28 Day Pedometer Challenge starting on Monday April 4 that can help give you the booty kick you need to get your steps in!

Have a FABULOUS weekend, Chicks!