Weight Loss Success Story

April 2011 – Chick of the Monthbefore and after pictures

Hey Chicks,

It’s that time again to announce our April Chick of the Month! This month our Chick comes to us from our Calgary – Acadia Boot camp location. The Chicktastic Melissa Garner has lost 8 pounds and 15 inches with the help of our bootcamps!

FC – What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

MG -Within a week of having a baby, I shed 10 pounds leaving 20 pounds of excess weight. When the scale failed to budge for 7 months, I realized that I wasn’t one of those blessed women whose bodies bounce back after pregnancy. I knew I had to work hard at bringing myself back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

FC – How did FIT CHICKS bootcamp help you in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals?

MG – FIT CHICKS is not like any fitness class or gym where there is little incentive to return. FIT CHICKS has given me the tools and motivation to make healthy living a lifelong goal. My Chick Sergeant, Hilary, is a fitness encyclopaedia and is always willing to share her knowledge about clean eating; the benefits of stretching;  the benefits of using a supplement like this and why we do the exercises we do. She also does a bang up job of balancing those butt kicks with good laughs. The “High Intensity Hottie” workout video (which is a lot harder than it looks!) has also been amazing for keeping me on track in between classes.

FC – What is your fav FIT CHICKS workout? Which exercise do you love to hate?

MG – My fav workout is the Tabatas. This workout generates the most moans and groans from the group but at the end of a Tabatas class, everyone appears ready to take on the world.  The exercise I love to hate is the plank. Even the word “plank” sounds dismal. Who would have thought that an exercise with zero movement can be the most menacing yet effective?!

FC – What have your fitness and weight loss results been like since joining bootcamp?

MG – I am almost in my pre-pregnancy jeans but I’ve stopped obsessing over the numbers.  I actually prefer my new athletic frame over my pre-pregnancy undefined body.  More importantly, I sleep better, I eat cleanly, and I have all the energy required to keep up with my son!

FC –  Why would you recommend FIT CHICKS bootcamp to a girlfriend?

MG – I’ve watched my girlfriends co-diet and invest in oversized exercise equipment and pricey gym memberships only to grow bored of the routine. I would recommend FIT CHICKS Bootcamp to any girlfriend who wants to experience what a yoga mat, free weights and whole lot of commitment can do for her wellbeing!

We are so proud of you Melissa – amazing job!

PS April FIT CHICKS Bootcamp start on April 11th so make sure to sign up today!