TOP 5: Fave ways to use Coconut Oil

Hey Chicks,

Healthy eating and fitness lovin go hand in hand for fierce results. And one of the eats we are a little crazy over here at FIT CHICKS is the creamy, dreamy, super star food – Coconut Oil! Not only is it an awesome healthy fat with tons of health benefits but it tastes and smells delicious too.

Here are our top 5 fave ways to use coconut oil (and they are not all eating!):

1.  To Cook With

Coconut oil is one our fat of choice for cooking due to its high smoke point (aka it doesn’t burn like olive oil does) and awesome taste.  This makes it great for roasting veggies, stir frying, baking or pan popping popcorn as a dairy free alternative to butter.

2. As a skin moisturizer

Ditch all the expensive creams that are packed with chemicals and get a jar of good, organic coconut oil (not the refined stuff).  It is light, dries non greasy once absorbed and due to its anti bacterial properties can actually help prevent break outs, sunburns and stretch marks.  Plus you will smell lightly tropical and beachy 🙂 Your skin is the largest organ in your body and what ever you put on it is absorbed in your system.

RULE OF THUMB:  Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth!

3. As a spread or dessert toppings

Coconut oil is amazing to use as a spread or make dessert toppings like our 3 ingredient Chocolate sauce or Healthy Homemade Nutella . As coconut oil turns to liquid at body temperature,  it can be used as a smooth and velvety as a spread or crispy goodness as a chocolate shell to ice cream (and it’s way better than Dairy Queen!).  Want to keep it simple? Just spread it on toast instead of butter…it’s amazing!

4. As a lubricant

Yes you read that right!  Coconut oil is a great all natural alternative for your sexy time or as a personal lubricant.  Like a moisturisor, you never want to put anything on your bits that you wouldn’t put in your mouth so try this natural option. Just make sure you do not use it with condoms as it will break them.

5. As a hair de -frizzer

If you suffer from frizzy hair or live in a humid climate, you know what I am talking about. I suffer from “fuzz head” as I like to call it.  Dab a dime size of coconut oil in your hands, rub together then run your hands through your hair to de fuzz even the craziest mops 🙂

Those are just our top 5 but there are soooo many more uses like to help heal cuts, burns & burns, instead of cream in your coffee, even for your pets!

So chicks – grab 3 jars of unrefined, virgin coconut oil (preferably organic.  I like the Carrington Farms from Costco) for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  Not only will you save ton of space & bucks but your health will thank you too!

Have a fierce day!

Laura, your head chick

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