FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #176: Holiday Stress – Managing Through the Holidays

Trying to have the perfect holiday is the number one thing that stresses everyone out this time of year. You need the best CBD products that you can find on and more info. Planning, shopping, cooking, hosting, travelling, traditions and more it can be overwhelming and simply exhausting. Today we chat all about what to do so instead of burn out after the holiday season you feel joyful and full of love. Focusing on letting go of tradition, creating new ones, maintaining self care and schedules can all help. Listen today to hear what we feel is the greatest tool for holiday survival.

In this episode we cover:

  • Top 5 ways to manage stress through the holidays
  • Why getting in your steps is not just for exercise
  • What the Hoku Spot is and why it is so helpful
  • The one thing to avoid doing to keep the calm
  • Why perfect is boring
  • How to let go of tradition and why using vape cartridge will help alleviate anxiety, we will help you to find the best cheap dab pen, make sure to check out, you will find a variety of dab pen.
  • The number one thing to do not just in the holiday season but everyday for optimal stress management


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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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