13lbs down, 16 inches lost and rocking fierce fitness goals: Sharon’s fitness & weight loss journey


We are back from our 4th (and super awesome!) FIT CHICKS Retreat at Horseshoe Retreat and feeling like we need to keep the CHICK POWER running on high.  What better way than to celebrate another fierce fitness transformation with our CHICK OF THE MONTH Sharon from our Toronto Annex Bootcamp!

Introducing the fierce Sharon..before & after!

Sharon joined us in April 2013 and came in with a BURST of positive energy and commitment that has helped change her body, her health and her life! Losing 13lbs & 16.25inches, building healthy nutrition habits and completing her own amazing fitness goals (she just did the Warrior Dash!),  Sharon is living proof that Livin la Vida FIT CHICK is the way to go.

13lbs down & 16.25 inches lost..way to go chick!

Now let’s let Sharon take it away and share her story – amazing work chick!!

Rocking her fitness goal: Warrior Dash!

What made you decide to join FIT CHICKS?

I’d always been an on again, off again gym goer, never able to make it part of my life full time. I didn’t know how to set a goal or work toward it. This time I wanted things to be different, I knew I needed support. So I joined FIT CHICKS in April 2013!

I was so nervous walking in the door on the first day but that quickly changed when I met Chick Sergeant Courtney and the awesome Annex crew! I immediately loved the group atmosphere and the motivation it gave me to really push myself.

Here are my results to date 🙂

Start Weight: 183lbs / Current Weight: 170 = Total lost: 13lbs
Total inches to start: 197.25 / Current inches: 181 = Total lost: 16.25 inches!

(All exercises listed below are timed in 60 sec)
PUSH UPS: Start: 10 lousy push ups / Now: 17 proper push ups
BURPEES: Start: 12 / Now: 20
SQUATS: Start: 32 / Now: 42


Livin la Vida FIT CHICK is based on 4 healthy principles. How do you incorporate them into your everyday life?

Principle 1 – Fitness: Move Everyday…makes it a conscious choice!

I look forward to sweating it out twice a week with the Annex crew!! Also, I ride my bike to and from work every day (even in the rain) I run, I play with my puppy in the park, I take boxercise classes and I’ve even tried trampoline classes with a friend. And 2 weeks ago I competed in my first ever race, the 5k obstacle course, Warrior Dash!

Principle 2 – Nutrition: Eat real, whole foods made with love.

I incorporate natural, whole, REAL food into every single meal. I’m a pastry chef, so I’m surrounded by temptation at work and although sometimes I give in (someone HAS to try the chocolate salted caramel brownies..right?!) I make up for it by choosing Healthy, plant based meals with lean protein, made with love. I love cooking from scratch, especially for family and friends and working with new ingredients.

Current faves? Chia seeds, Hemp hearts and avocado oil!

Principle 3 – Wellness: Give yourself love.

I used to beat myself up mentally for not being strong enough or more motivated. FIT CHICKS helps me see myself in a different light. I am FIT, FAB, and FIERCE!!! and feeling this way starts a chain reaction. Loving myself makes me want to do something good for myself every day. and doing good things for my body makes me love myself. Every. Single. Day.

Principle 4 – Pay it forward: Spread the healthy love to those around you.

I love sharing healthy recipes, fitness tips and motivational quotes with my family and friends and lead by example. Throwing a dinner party to celebrate a friends job promotion or just reminding my sis to “DRINK MORE WATER!!!” are a couple ways I’ve spread the healthy love lately. And of course, reminding the amazing people in my life that they are just that: Amazing, beautiful, thoughtful and Fierce!

Staying on a healthy track can be a challenge! What keeps you motivated?

FIT CHICKS has been a total support group for me. From motivational emails and chick feed recipes to gabbing after class about the best stretches and how to improve our workouts, someone is always there for me to motivate me to keep on track! I personally love that I can email Courtney about anything and she always gives me the best advice….like how to gear up for a big race!

Do you have a fave healthy recipe that you love?

My “late for work” breakfast smoothie! Check it out:

1 ripe banana
1 cup organic blueberries
1/2 cup almond milk
1TB natural peanut butter
1oz (about 2TB) chia seeds
as much spinach as you can cram in the top!

Toss all ingredients into your blender and blitz. Pour into a takeout mug and drink on your way to work! (Or, if you’re like me and give yourself no time in the morning, then, before bed, throw everything into your magic bullet, screw on the lid and pop it in the fridge so ready to go in the am)

TIP: Chia seeds are super high in fibre, so make sure you drink a ton of water to help it do its thing.

What’s your fave FIT CHICKS workout and why?

Love the 8 steps to fabulousness, or, ladder workouts with Courtney! They’re both super challenging but there’s an opportunity to push harder with each round.


Sharon was super positive from the beginning.  She works unbelievably hard in every class and she never gives up.  I have never seen her any other way.  She brings the same attitude and energy to class every time and she is nothing but kind to everyone I’ve seen her speak with.

Sharon always tries the Level 2 options!  I have seen her physically change and improve her cardio and overall stamina and well, she’s just going to keep getting buffer.

Sharon, you are an inspiration!  You have the most amazing energy
around you and I know that with your play hard attitude, you will crush any
boundaries ahead of you and exceed your toughest goals.

We are so super proud of you chick and keep on rocking the healthy house!