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It’s a double transformation: Brittany & Courtney’s fitness & weightloss journey!

JULY/AUG CHICKS OF THE MONTH When the healthy sisterhood spreads, you have to CELEBRATE! And that is what this month's chick of the month is all about.  We are rocking not only 1 but TWO awesome, inspiring healthy transformation from FIT CHICK besties, Brittany & Courtney, from our Calgary Crowfoot Bootcamp. Introducing the dynamic duo: Brittany & Courtney! While each had different goals when joining, their results have been amazing. From dropping almost 15lbs post baby weight in 8 weeks, losing 14 [...]

Celebrating strength, fierceness & dropping from a size 14 to 10: Amanda’s weight loss & fitness journey!

JUNE CHICK OF THE MONTH Another whirlwind month a la FIT CHICKS!  Not only have we been sweating up a storm outdoors with our special summer love  12 week "Fierce in 8" (the next session starts July 7th if you wanna join in the fun) but we were recently nominated by NOW Magazine for the "Best Fitness Club / Gym" (please vote for us!!) & we are expanding to spread our healthy love to more locations. The Awesome Amanda's Transformation! So what [...]

Celebrating an AMAZING total health makeover: Robin’s weightloss & fitness journey!

APRIL CHICK OF THE MONTH With our recent filming in the CBC Dragon's Den (you will have to watch next season to see what happened!), our April "FIERCE in 8"wk programs starting Monday (save $50 off!) and spring finally feeling like she is showing her pretty face,  we want to CELEBRATE! And how do we do that around the Coop without cake or vino? We CELEBRATE the fierceness of our chicks who we are so proud to get to help reach their goals! [...]

5.5 inches down, 2x push ups (almost!) & a fierce new lifestyle: Jackie’s weightloss & fitness journey

Hey Chicks, So March is here and we are all still wondering where the warm weather is?!  So even though the temp isn't getting better, we thought let's get all warm and fuzzy from the inside by celebrating an amazing Chick of the Month the Fierce Jackie from our Etobicoke Bootcamp! Jackie started her fitness journey with us in the Fall of 2013. Needing a fun, weekly program to keep her accountable and consistent and make sure she makes her health [...]