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I decided to join FIT CHICKS after I saw a staff photo that my manager took.  I looked awful in that photo, I still remember, it’s burned into my mind!  I knew when I saw that picture that something had to be done-something drastic!  A co-worker got the flyer that came into our office and showed it to me.  At first I just laughed, there was no way I could do a boot camp class, but the picture kept nagging me so I told her: ”let’s do it!”

I started at 230lbs.After the first month and I had recovered from the brutal butt kicking my chick sergeant had dished out, I was surprised to see that I had lost 7 pounds and a few inches.  That’s when I decided to get serious.

FIT CHICKS gave me the confidence to get working out on a regular basis in an environment where I didn’t have to feel self-conscious about my weight. Fitness has changed my life completely.  I am now 130lbs…that is 100lbs lost! You have no idea how good you’ll feel until you lose the weight and you really don’t realize until you look back how much you hated being overweight and unhealthy.

Jenn, Toronto, ON

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I joined FIT CHICKS is I needed something to keep me accountable and motivated to exercise. The classes are always on the same days each week and fit perfectly into my schedule, so I had no excuse but to be there and sweat it out. I have lost 21lbs & 37 in since I started not to mention my energy is through the roof!

The thing I love most about FIT CHICKS is that the classes are a good size and every class is different. Unlike at a gym, your chick sergeant always has time to help you out with a new workout move and pays enough attention to you so that you don’t cheat. I always leave the class feeling like I gave everything I had and that is amazing!

Lindsay, Ottawa, ON


Founders of FIT CHICKS® & Directors
of FIT CHICKS Academy®

Head Chicks Amanda and Laura took their fitness business, FIT CHICKS®, from 7 chicks in 2008 to become the largest women’s only fitness company in Canada that has helped THOUSAND’S of women transform their bodies, health and lives.

As many fitness companies failed to grow, the Head Chicks passion expanded FIT CHICKS from its award winning women’s only boot camp offered at over 20 locations to include retreats, online challenges, fitness DVD’s, the weekly FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast on Itunes and host 2 television series called “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”.

Their commitment to women’s health earned the company  Top 3 Fitness Professionals in Canada by Can Fit Pro, Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year and named amongst the Best Fitness Certifications in Canada by

As regular contributors to national television and newspapers, appearances on CBC’s “Dragons Den” & The Shopping Channel, the Head Chicks attribute their success to having overcome their own health struggles and staying true to their approach of fierce fitness made fun that’s accessible to all women.

With a mission to get ALL women pumped & involved in their health and in turn, build healthier families and communities worldwide, they have packaged over 20 years of expertise in fitness, yoga, nutrition and business into FIT CHICKS® Academy to give YOU all the tools to take your fitness career, healthy knowledge and life to the next level!


Get Instant Access to your FREE FIT CHICKS Guide: Top 5 Fat Loss Secrets to Jumpstart Your Transformation, + weekly health tips,
recipes, FIT CHICKS® news and more!.

You may opt out at anytime.