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FC Guide to Green Power Smoothies


We have a health crush on green smoothies.
They are a super simple way to get Chicktastic meal or snack in minutes that is PACKED with nutrients & energy: the ultimate fast food!

To share our smoothie love, check out our super amazing “FIT CHICKS Guide to Green Power Smoothies” to help you lose weight, boost energy & change your health – inside & out.



In this ebook, you are going to learn:

• What are green smoothies & why they rock
• The “Complete in 3” for weight loss, energy & optimal health
• The FIT CHICKS formula to building the perfect, balanced power smoothie – every time!
• Printable FC Green Power Chart to bring with you
• How to pick your greens and superfoods
• Tools for green smoothie success
• Over 10 uber delicious, nutritious, easy to make green smoothie recipes like “Kickin Kale, Blueberry and Banana” & “Pumpkin Pie Power”

Don’t believe us about the power of greens?

For the next 14 days, we want you to add a delicious green smoothie every day and then YOU tell us how you feel (you will love it!)

Please consult a medical professional before entering into any exercise routine or nutrition program.

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