Join the #1 Women's Only Bootcamp in Canada  
to Drop Pounds + Inches, Get Lean & Toned and Feel Fierce
in as little as 2 nights / week!


in as little as 2 nights / week, how would you like to: 
  • Shed up to 20lbs & Lose up to 16 inches off your body 
  •  Tighten and tone all of your squishy spots (abs, arms, butt, thighs) 
  •  Look fabulous in your skinny jeans again 
  •  Improve your overall health 
  •  Learn better eating habits and nutrition 
  •  Build confidence and healthy habits for the long haul 
  •  Meet other fab chicks in your neighborhood 
…and these are only some of the remarkable RESULTS you can achieve from 
And these are just some of the remarkable RESULTS you can achieve from FIT CHICKS® Bootcamp *

Even if you are new to working out and nutrition...

Even if you currently exercise and eat pretty well but need accountability and support to get you to the next level...

Even if you are SUPER busy with your job, kids, travelling or events and think you can’t find the time…

And Especially if you are ready to say “I AM WORTH IT” and INVEST in being the most positive, healthy and fierce version of yourself..


*Results based on past FIT CHICK grads. Check out our FIT CHICKS testimonials
FIT CHICKS® has been apart of 1000's of women's transformations from all levels & all stages...we want you to be next!
Below are just a few of our 1000's of success stories....


What’s Included In The FIT CHICKS® BOOTCAMP?
(Value: oVER $700!)
This is a full women’s only 4 week bootcamp program that includes:
(It is like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and coach all in 1 -See FAQ for more details)

  • 8 FIT CHICKS Signature bootcamp classes including resistance training, body weight exercises, interval training so you never plateau..allowing to burn more fat and get fitter as we go (all levels welcome - value $149) 
  •  4 – At home FIT CHICKS HIIT workout videos that you can access from anywhere (value $49) 
  •  Pre and Post measurements/ pics to track your progress (value $49) 
  •  Complete FIT CHICKS Transformation Guide & Checklist (value $39) 
  •  Transformation nutrition programming developed by a nutritionist including weekly sample meal plans based on your needs (value $199) 
  •  45+ “CHICK Approved” delicious and SIMPLE recipes (value $69) 
  •  Private Members Facebook Group (Free!) 
  •  Unlimited email support from your Chick Sergeant (value $109)

8 Signature FIT CHICKS Bootcamp Classes (Indoors currently)
Sample of FIT CHICKS At Home HIIT Video included in FIT CHICKS Bootcamp.
Sample recipe 
Sample Recipe
Forget fluffy workouts & crop tops!
FIT CHICKS Bootcamp is a one stop shop to start transforming your body and health in a group training program.
Each month, we will provide you 4 weeks of fitness and nutrition programming (breaking down what to do each day!), weekly check-ins with your Chick Sergeant coach, online support throughout the challenge as we progress through our FIT CHICKS Members Private Facebook Group.
We will be with you from beginning to end as your personal trainer, nutritionist, weekly accountability and support and full on cheer leading squad!
FIT CHICKS Bootcamp is based on our FC high intensity interval training method!

It combines short bursts of cardio mixed with strength…and the key to is that any chick can do it. Our “Level system” includes levels & modifications so every chick from the fitness newbie to seasoned vet will be challenged & included.
This 8 week Bootcamp is PERFECT for WOMEN who:
  • Busy working chicks, moms, university students who are ready to take control of their fitness, nutrition and bodies and are looking for the easy to follow plan to get there
  •  Willing to commit to following the program for 4 weeks  - even when life gets busy - and invest in YOURSELF
  •  Want to achieve LONG TERM fat loss and healthy habits so you will never have to struggle with your weight again (which will happen automatically with all you will learn and love about this challenge!)
  •  Want to be part of a super powered group of women and willing to support other participants on their healthy journey
This Bootcamp is NOT for Women who:
  •  Looking for a quick weight loss fix 
  • Not willing to commit to making their fitness and nutrition a priority for 4 or 8 weeks
  •  Currently pregnant
  •  Men (sorry roosters- this is for chicks only:)
Got Questions?  We have answers! 
How does FIT CHICKS Bootcamp Work?
 A:   A: Great Question! When you purchase the program it is your one stop shop to start transforming your body and health in a fierce fun, women's only group training program. We will provide you with fitness classes 2 x per week and nutrition programming (breaking down what to do each day!), weekly check-ins with your Chick Sergeant coach and daily online support through our Facebook page (optional). We will be with you from beginning to end as your personal trainer, nutritionist, weekly accountability and support and full on cheer leading squad!
How long are the bootcamp classes?
 A:  The In class Bootcamp classes are 60 min.  

We also provide you with optional out of class workouts days that vary from 20 – 45 min for a 4 day workout per week bootcamp program (2 in class & 2 out of class) for those who want additional workouts.
How do you create your FIT CHICKS Signature Workouts?
 A:  All FIT CHICKS programs are developed to meet the following criteria: 
-Create an butt kicking high intensity interval workout that burns tons of calories in the shortest amount of time.
-Teach smart exercises that tone all squishy spots (butt, thighs arms and abs) in under 1 hour.
-Provide a fun, motivating way for women to spend their time.
-Help ladies walk away feeling better about yourself than when you walked in.

If it doesn’t do any of the above, it is not included in our workout and we find something that does!
What if I am not physically fit?  Will I be able to keep up?
 A:  FIT CHICKS’ programs, retreats, DVD’s & workshops are designed for all ages and levels of fitness to participate in. 

Every exercise will have a modification to ensure a safe, sassy and effective workout to build your fitness level & confidence week after week.
Remember, you have to start somewhere. We believe every woman has a FIT CHICK within and we are here to support you in finding her!
What kind of results can I expect?
 A:  Below are results that our FIT CHICKS Bootcamp grads have experienced including:

Reduction in body fat and inches
Weight loss
Improved energy levels and stamina
Increase in strength and flexibility
Improved confidence (aka feel SEXY!) and well-being
Improved cardiovascular strength and endurance
Increase in your metabolic rate so you burn calories faster
Improved complexion
Better relaxation and improved patience level
Meet fab chicks in your neighborhood
Develop better eating habits
Beginning of a long-term commitment to health and you
Uncover your inner FIT CHICK!
How soon should I expect results?
 A:  Results vary depending on your effort level and your level of nutrition (you can’t be eating a tub of ice cream a day and expect results!). Your physical endurance can begin to change in as little as three days. Your physical appearance can begin to change in as little as 2-4 weeks. Everyone’s body is different. Remember, you get what you give.
What do I need to bring to class?
 A:  You will need to bring the following:

Yoga Mat
Small Towel
Comfortable (and cute) workout clothes
Appropriate running shoes
3-5lb hand weights
And your fabulousness!
What is the Pre and Post Measurements?
 A:  It is Body Measurement that are conducted right before or right after your first class. We will take your measurements in your exercise clothes prior to starting the workout. These numbers don’t matter! It’s only to measure your improvement post-program comparison. Don’t be surprised if you have dropped 3 – 8 inches and have increased your push ups by 15!
You will receive details in your confirmation regarding what time you will need to arrive for your measurements depending on location
Are your Bootcamp Instructors (aka Chick Sergeants) certified and insured?
 A:  In order to give you the best results, all FIT CHICKS fitness instructors aka Chick Sergeants are fully certified through a recognized Canadian Fitness Institution, have Fitness Professional Liability Insurance and have completed our exclusive FIT CHICKS training program.
If I sign up for Bootcamp are they set days?
 A:  NO! In today’s world, we need some flexibility. If you are away one week and can’t make class, you can make up the extra day (s) another week or at a different location (location permitting). You do have to complete all classes during your 4 week session as we are unable to carry forward days to another session or program.
Why can't I carry classes over to the next session?
 A:  Due to FIT CHICKS unique schedule of programs, specific days and times for each participant and limited class sizes, we can only provide participants “make-ups” for missed days during your session if class size and location permits. *All “make-up” classes must be completed during the registered program/session *that you are signed up for and can not be carried over to future sessions.
At FIT CHICKS, we are fun but we are also FIRM (nothing like a little tough love!). Just like joining a team sport, you must commit to your fitness program (i.e. same time each day for program duration). Our fitness programs are structured & require a commitment. This will help encourage you to take accountability for the completion of your bootcamp and your ACHIEVEMENTS and get you into an awesome routine for a long term healthy lifestyle.
Is there a refund policy?
 A:  If you are unable to attend camp due to circumstances out of your control, we can offer you a refund if you notify us 7 days prior to your program start date (a $25.00 cancellation fee will apply.)
If we are notified after your program start date, you will receive a credit towards a future FIT CHICKS program. The credit is good for one year and is transferable. There is no cash refund.
I am pregnant.  Can I participate?
 A:  First of all, CONGRATS on the wee chick! In order to give your body the time it needs, we do not allow our expecting mama chicks to participate in the program. If you find out you are pregnant during the program, we will offer you a refund or credit toward an upcoming session. The good news is that we will be here to get you post baby fabulous once your little one has arrived!
What do I do after my FIT CHICKS Bootcamp program is over?
 A:  You get re-measured and tested to show your progress and success in the program. The majority of FIT CHICKS participants come back and sweat up a storm with us again and we are sure you will too!
How do access all the workouts and nutrition plans plus all the awesome videos included in the bootcamp program?
 A:   All the downloadable workouts, nutrition plans, exercise library, videos to watch, etc will be housed under our FIT CHICKS Bootcamp 24/7 Members Facebook Group so you can access at anytime!  We will also email you access to all materials upon sign up so in case you do not have Facebook, you can still access them.
I noticed you have a special monthly auto pay - what if I can only commit to 4 weeks at this time.  
 A:   Yes you can! We understand with busy schedules so we give you the option to sign up for either your 4 week sessions on autopay or a one time 4 week bootcamp.  Please note the autopay is the best rate and allows you to cancel at anytime for the next session. Should you wish to just do a one time bootcamp, there is the option at check out. 
What is the meal plan and recipes like? Is it a personalized meal plan? 
 A:    One word…DELICIOUS! When you sign up for the bootcamp challenge, we will provide you with the first 4 weeks of meals plans created by a certified Nutritionist & the FIT CHICKS Recipe Book with 45+ challenge approved recipes.
I have food allergies and intolerances, will I be able to do the meal plan and recipes?
 A:   The majority of the recipes are gluten free and dairy free however we do have a food substitution guide to help you swap out for other foods should you require.
How do I join the live weekly meetings and check ins?  What if I can't make the time scheduled?
 A:   All live Challenge Meetings will be held weekly in our private Facebook Group so we can share and grow together as a sweet FIT CHICK Family.  If you can't make the meeting- not to worry, it will be taped and live under the Facebook Group for later viewing
I don't lift weights and am scared of getting bulky - will this happen?
 A:   NO!  Strength training does not make women "bulky" due our lower levels of testoterone (plus all those women with huge muscles have been training in a specific way for YEARS) BUT it will help turn your body into a fat burning machine (Aka boost metabolism), give your awesome shape,  get tight and toned, make you feel strong and sexy in addition to all the health benefits for resistance training for women.  Once you get on the strength training train, you won't look back
Are there any men in this program?
 A:  While we love our roosters, this is a chick (women's) only program.
FIT CHICKS® Founders Laura Jackson & Amanda Quinn started in 2008 with only 7 chicks and many companies in the industry failing to grow, their goal of "fierce fitness made fun" that’s accessible to ALL women expanded their award winning women’s only boot camp from over 20 locations to include health retreats, fitness DVD’s programs, nutrition challenges and FIT CHICKS Academy® online certification programs. To date she has helped over 8000 women transform and reach their goals while creating Canada's largest women's only fitness company

Top International Fitness & Nutrition Experts, Laura and Amanda are also the host of the top 100 rated Fitness & Nutrition Podcast on Itunes named "FIT CHICKS Chat" as well as the TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. The Head Chicks also are fitness and nutrition contributors to national publications and TV Shows such as Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and have appeared on CBC's "Dragon's Den" and The Shopping Channel

Their commitment to women's health earned the name of Top 3 Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year in Canada & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.

Laura & Amanda continue their passion for helping women create the life, health & career of their dreams and build healthier communities around the world with the internationally recognized 12 week FIT CHICKS® Academy online Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program and 8 Week Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Certification Program.
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