Agreement Between Client And Architect Hkia

Contract: the objects of the contract, the annex, the type of call for tenders submitted by the contractor, the letter of acceptance from the employer on the contractor`s offer and any correspondence between the parties designated as part of the contract, the special conditions, if any, the conditions, the subscriptions, the specifications and 【the contractual invoices of the schedule of quantities and tariffs. 32.2 (1) The amount due in an interim certificate is subject to an agreement between the parties on payments in stages, the estimate of the gross evaluation of the work in progress, in accordance with clause 32.2 (2) less: 【1.9】1.10』 Unless otherwise specified, all communications, certificates and other communications under the contract between the employer, the architect, auditor and contractor must be in writing. But wait, there are more anti-competitive rules in the code, including the prohibition on members competing with price, which prevents customers from launching a progressive tender to get the best possible offer: (2) The contractor entrusts the employer (to the extent that it is legally able to do so) the benefits of all guarantees provided by suppliers and subcontractors. Warranties or other ancillary agreements for materials, goods or works, to the extent required by the contract, designated subcontracts or designated supply contracts, with the exception of direct guarantees to the employer required by notified subcontracts and designated delivery contracts, within sixty days of the issuance of the certificate of substantial completion for the entire construction or a section. In other cases, the contractor must hold the subcontractor or supplier initially designated liable for the additional costs incurred by the employer in relation to the determination, termination and replacement, assist in recovering the additional costs and, preferably, reimburse the employer for any amount that can actually be recovered from the original subcontractor or designated supplier after paying all legal costs related to the continued recovery. (f) an instruction given by an architect in accordance with clause 2.4 to remedy any ambiguity, discrepancy or derogation between the documents listed in this clause; # The proposed sentence, which should be deleted, is a new introduction to the new forms in order to reduce the contractor`s risk. .